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Definitions of "ejector"

  • One that ejects, especially a device in a gun that ejects the empty shell after each firing. noun
  • A device using a jet of water, air, or steam to withdraw a fluid or gas from a space. noun
  • One who, or that which, ejects or dispossesses. noun
  • ejector seat: a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency; then the pilot descends by parachute. noun
  • That part of the mechanism of a breech-loading firearm which ejects the empty shell. noun
  • A lever for removing circuit boards from an electronic chassis. noun
  • One who, or that which, ejects or dispossesses. noun
  • A jet jump for lifting water or withdrawing air from a space. noun
  • That part of the mechanism of a breech-loading firearm which ejects the empty shell. noun
  • One who or that which ejects. noun
  • In sheet-metal work, an attachment to a press for throwing out the finished stamped or drawn object while the die is rising and before the operator or the feed-motion places the next blank in position. The push-out plate used with presses employing double dies is a form of ejector. (See double dies, under die.) The stripper, on the other hand, is not an ejector, since it releases the work from the die only, without removing it from the press. See stripper. noun
  • a person who ousts or supplants someone else noun
  • a mechanism in a firearm that ejects the empty shell case after firing noun

The word "ejector" in example sentences

The ejector from the aircraft left him unconscious; when he awoke he was stripped of his clothes and was aware of a bad cut on his head and a broken leg.. [Meyer, Alton B.]

When describing the mechanism, grandpa called the ejector an "erector.". [grouse Diary Entry]

Guess it really was to expensive to add in. stratosphere is a clown and the ejector is a crack head! just look at the eyes Stratosphere's legs are cool, but his feet are too damn huge.. [Transformers News - All News]

Cable network owners Viacom and NBC Universal have booted the United Church of Christ's "ejector" ad from their cable networks.. [Philocrites: Now cable networks eject the UCC ad, too.]

The Times reviews recent highlights: UCC general minister John Thomas's Gettysburg College speech about the IRD's campaign to divide the mainline denominations; the church's pointed TV marketing campaign but fails to note that the "ejector" ad has now been rejected by Viacom and NBC Universal–owned cable networks; and the General Synod's decision to support same-sex marriage last summer.. [Philocrites: UCC takes 'pugnacious stance' toward Christian right.]

That could mean a crew-escape system might be revived, he said, because taking astronauts off the shuttle's middeck opens up the possibility of using some kind of ejector seat.. [NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: March 2003 Archives]

There is one called the "ejector" seat when the squeaky clean white family is entitled to a seat in the church but the minority, handicapped, gay, single worshippers are all removed from the church by ejector seats that fling them into the air and through the roof of the church.. [Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local]

Now Ubuntu has put an ejector seat button next to regular functionality.. [Does Ubuntu’s New Window Design Bite? | Lifehacker Australia]

It (the bolt) is a three-lug design with an M-16-style extractor, a fixed ejector, and an extremely low bolt lift — I would guess about 60 degrees.. [Uncategorized Blog Posts]

As far as conversion sleeves go I have several of the Gaugemate shotgun adapters and they are extracted by the ejector for easy removal.. [What's the Best Survival Weapon?]

It was blued, and had adjustable sights but no ejector shroud.. [Trivia question: What was the make and model of Chief Brody's revolver in the movie, "Jaws?"]

The second one had a problem with the bottom ejector and was returned.. [Ruger Red Label]

Even the book says that the shooter should not let the bolt hit the stop but should only open the bolt enough for the ejector to pop the empty out.. [Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1]

Sidelock, richly engraved with Cape buffalo elephant and rhino, gold trim, 24 inch barrels, ejector, 13 1/2 pounds.. [Happy Myles have you ever hunted with Mark Sullivan? And if you have or have not what is your honest oppinion of him?]

The slower burning rates such as IMR4831 will hammer the gas assembly and bolt with the possibility breaking the ejector and destroying the receiver causing injury to the shooter and/or those nearby.. [what is better for hunting deer a bolt or a semi atoumatic]

Also by Purdey will be a rare 12-bore hammer ejector gun built in 1895 for Lord Ripon, Earl de Grey, later second Marquess of Ripon estimate: £20,000-£30,000.. [The Fire Power of Pistols]

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@muffins_english: [first day as a fighter pilot] Me: what does that button do? Tutor: we’ll get to that M: that one? T: just wait M…


my plane crashing fatally. In this madcap world, ejector seats are poorly designed, you see (although I think actua…

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