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Definitions of "elements"

  • Plural form of element. noun
  • Outdoor weather, such as wind or rain. noun
  • The basic tenets of an area of knowledge. noun
  • The bread and wine of the eucharist. noun
  • violent or severe weather (viewed as caused by the action of the four elements) noun

The word "elements" in example sentences

Evidently, the simplest way for a chemist to think about radio-activity was to think of it as an atomic property; hence, as atomic properties had always been regarded, in the last analysis, as properties of elements, it was natural to place the radio-active substances in the class _elements_, provided that one forgot for the time that these substances have not the class-mark. [The Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry]

One of the main elements is the way people take responsibility.. [Carolyn Hax: Explaining one's divorce to a date (continued)]

These areas are the title elements, meta descriptions, and URL naming conventions found within the site, but also within the search engine results.. [Search Engine Optimization and Marketing News provided by Cumbrowski.com]

You'll also notice that individual elements are unbalanced - the title elements are crooked, the silhouette is off to the left, the speckles are only on the right - but the overall effect is balanced.. [Pixel2Life.com: Latest 20 Tutorials]

As an example, select all the title elements for the journal of date March-April 2008, as shown in the following listing:. [Latest News from Virtualization Journal]

For example, select all the title elements in journal (in journal namespace) of date (in journal namespace) November-December 2008, as shown in this listing:. [Latest News from Virtualization Journal]

As an example, select all the title elements in catalog. xml.. [Latest News from Virtualization Journal]

The title elements in the journal element (in the journal namespace) get selected and outputted in JDeveloper:. [Latest News from Virtualization Journal]

And with all due respect, to read Russo in an effort to unravel soap opera elements is as misguided as James Wood making the charge that all of Richard Powers's novels contain a boy-meet-girl subplot.. [Deep-Hearted]

Starr said the key for players dealing with the elements is their approach.. [Frozen Packers fans bitterly cold, disappointed]

On top of that, other details which they describe as elements of extremist Islam, such as banning smoking in public places, forcing a curfew on civilians, forcing them to be at home after 4: 00 p.m.. [CNN Transcript Jun 7, 2007]

Those which we call elements are earth, water, air, and fire.. [Essays and Miscellanies]

All matter on earth is a mixture of around 100 pure substances, which we call the elements: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and so on.. [On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen]

But they do not describe rightly even the principles which they call elements, for some name the great and the small with the. [Metaphysics]

They are the hieroglyphics which tell in a language of their own the story of the birth or evolution of all matter, and the Periodic Table containing the classification of the elements is the Rosetta. [Theodore W. Richards - Nobel Lecture]

The system is therefore to be regarded as but a partial and imperfect expression of some very important and fundamental relation between the substances which we know as elements, the exact nature of this relation being as yet not completely clear to us.. [An Elementary Study of Chemistry]

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