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Emaciation ( or ) is defined as extreme weight loss and unnatural thinness due to a loss of subcutaneous fat (the fatty, or adipose tissue beneath the skin) and muscle throughout the body. It affects human beings and animals; one who is emaciated could be described as "wasting away" or being "gaunt." Emaciation is caused by severe malnourishment and starvation. Emaciation is a predominant symptom of malnourishment, a basic component of poverty and famine that also occurs with diseases that interfere with the digestive system and appetite, other systems, and eating disorders. These include nutrient deficiency disorders, diseases with prolonged fever and infection, malignant diseases, parasitic infections that can result from contamination, anorexia nervosa and other conditions. The malnourishment associated with emaciation has been referred to as "inanition", while infection by parasites has been described as "adulteration". Treatment of emaciation includes gradual renourishment with a slow increase of daily caloric intake to help rebuild tissues and regain weight. Rest, and emotional and psychological therapy and support may be included..

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Definitions of "emaciation"

  • The act of making very lean. noun
  • The state of being emaciated or reduced to excessive leanness; an excessively lean condition. noun
  • The act of making very lean. noun
  • The state of being emaciated or reduced to excessive leanness; an excessively lean condition. noun
  • The act of making lean or thin in flesh. noun
  • The state of becoming thin by gradual wasting of flesh; the state of being reduced to leanness. noun
  • extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease) noun

The word "emaciation" in example sentences

Bratman asserts that “emaciation is common among followers of certain health food diets, such as rawfoodism, and this can at times reach the extremes seen in anorexia nervosa.”. [Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » When Healthy Eating Becomes an Obsession]

I think that emaciation is more often a sign of victimhood than cruelty.. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Other things about your characters that rarely matter]

Furthermore, Brown said FEMA suffered "emaciation" because anti-terror operations had become a priority for the administration.. [Hurricane Katrina]

The most visible problems, such as emaciation are the result of sheer emotional neglect.. [CNN Transcript Nov 16, 2007]

[1] By cachexia is understood a condition of malnutrition and emaciation which is usually accompanied by a pale sallow color of the skin.. [Disease and Its Causes]

_The symptoms_ are of a general character, such as emaciation, weakness, wasting of muscles and lameness.. [Common Diseases of Farm Animals]

Their turkeys, especially, are of that emaciation which is attributed among ourselves only to the turkey of Job; and as for the geese and ducks, they can only interest anatomists.. [Venetian Life]

"These patients all had other risk factors which included emaciation, starvation because they hadn't been fed, infection, cardiac failure, renal failure," said Marks.. ['Angel of Death' Colin Norris could be cleared of insulin murders]

There was something rare and stylish about Jobs, even in the emaciation of his final illness.. [Why I feel such huge gratitude for Steve Jobs's life …. he shaped mine | Henry Porter]

Thin to emaciation, he seemed a cold flame of a man, a man of a mysterious, chemic sort of flame, who, under a glacier-like exterior, conveyed, somehow, the impression of the ardent heat of a thousand suns.. [Chapter II]

He was slender to emaciation, cavernously checked, roll after roll of skin, no longer encasing flesh or muscle, hanging grotesquely down his neck and swathing the Adam's apple so that only occasionally, with queer swallowing motions, did it peep out of the mummy-wrappings of skin and sink back again from view.. [CHAPTER IX]

I noticed he had been declawed and this concerned me paired with his fighting wounds and general state of emaciation.. [ichabod « paper fruit]

Effortlessly switching between humor and emotional emaciation, he seems deserving of our empathy.. [The Witty Madness of David Haig's George III Is Fit for a King]

They lived in an age prior to Elle and GQ, and thus were too ignorant to realize that plague-like emaciation was a "look" to be painstakingly achieved rather than merely the harbinger of a hideous death.. [How to Begin a Diet]

Many had upper respiratory infections, ear mites, tumors, and emaciation.. [Wayne Pacelle: 150 Cats Rescued from Hoarding Case in Wyoming (VIDEO)]

The demon was not a demon and the pot was not a pot, but otherwise everything was exactly as the priest described in the story of Mokuren, and his mother was there with hunger in her eyes and in the emaciation of her frame.. [Blood Ninja II]

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@ali_shehab11: * تعاملى فيلد hypocalcemia sever emaciation ataxia and hypophosphatmia suggested bad prognosis after several days of…


* تعاملى فيلد hypocalcemia sever emaciation ataxia and hypophosphatmia suggested bad prognosis after several da…

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What is the meaning of emaciation ? |Best Health FAQS
What is the meaning of emaciation ? |Best Health FAQS
Emaciation - Bathe Her And Bring Her To Me
Emaciation - Bathe Her And Bring Her To Me
Emaciation Meaning
Emaciation Meaning

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