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Definitions and meanings of "Embalming"

What do we mean by embalming?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word embalming. Define embalming, embalming synonyms, embalming pronunciation, embalming translation, English dictionary definition of embalming.

To be inebriated to the point where you are already dead and your corpse has been treated with preservatives in order to prevent decay. Urban Dictionary

To drink so much of a particular drink that one enters a state whereby the alcohol overwhelms the body. Urban Dictionary

This is a term that classifies someone who is BEYOND wasted, basically wasted to the point, it's like most of their bloodstream has been replaced with alcohol, which can be used to preserve stuff in some ways, much like embalming fluid is used to preserve a dead body Urban Dictionary

A Word used by a Baltimore resident (city or county) to explain that they are indeed IN Baltimore. Urban Dictionary

Injecting chemicals into the bodies in your basement to keep them good for longer Urban Dictionary

To fill shit with some liquid shit so that the shit goes hard and never disintegrates and shit and is preserved for ever Urban Dictionary

A) One whose days begin when your days end.... B) A glutton for punishment. One who apparently relishes being regularly exposed to bloodborne pathogens,dangerous chemicals, noxious fumes , unwholesome odors, and psychotic members of the deceased's family, all for a substandard wage. Urban Dictionary

Injecting chemicals into the dead bodies in your basement to keep them good for longer Urban Dictionary

To want to stab a someone in the throat with an embalming instrument. From the UMinn mortuary science student who got banned from campus for facebooking how pissed she was at her ex. Urban Dictionary

Refering to PCP that is used to coat joints and blunts or even cigarettes. This does NOT mean using real embalming fluid, which will fuck you up big time and not in a good way. Urban Dictionary

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The word "embalming" in example sentences

So it could just be a difference of terminology as to what we call embalming in America versus what they call embalming in Rome. ❋ Unknown (2007)

You may be surprised to learn that embalming is almost nevcr required for the deceased. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For the most part, however, embalming is not required and is undesirable due to the highly toxic chemicals used and the invasive procedures required for embalming. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Egyptians used it in embalming, filling body cavities with powdered myrrh. ❋ Ewillett (2007)

The Egyptians used it in embalming and Moses is said to have used cinnamon oil to anoint the Ark of the Covenant. ❋ Unknown (2004)

The theory that embalming is an essential hygienic measure has long been put forward by the funeral industry. ❋ Unknown (1969)

Some rather solid-sounding sounding justifications for the procedure have been advanced, above and beyond the fact that embalming is good business for the undertaker because it helps him to sell more expensive caskets. ❋ Unknown (1969)

Outside of medical circles, people who are otherwise reasonably knowledgeable and sophisticated take for granted not only that embalming is done for reasons of sanitation but that it is required by law. ❋ Unknown (1969)

But there is already speculation that Kim Jong-il's body could undergo a long-term embalming process so that it can join his father's on permanent display in the mausoleum. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Myrrh was used in embalming dead bodies (Joh 19: 39); was an ingredient in the holy anointing oil (Ex 30: 23); a perfume of the heavenly Bridegroom (Ps ❋ Unknown (1871)

What Keyork Arabian described as the embalming of a man still alive was being attempted. ❋ Unknown (1881)

Then she conceived the idea of embalming, as it were, the living being, in a perpetual hypnotic lethargy, from whence she recalled him from time to time to an intermediate state, in which she caused him to do mechanically all those things which she judged necessary to prolong life. ❋ Unknown (1881)

And in the art of which I am an humble disciple, -- that of injecting, commonly called embalming, -- the frauds are most deplorable. ❋ George Alfred Townsend (1877)

Then you may not want to pay for embalming, which is not legally mandated in any state. ❋ Forbes (2011)

Neither does the state require embalming, which is the process of temporarily preserving a body through formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Darius: Dude, you drank so many [Irish car bombs] last night you really made me nervous. You were completely embalmed. Geraldine: LOL, that [mortician] fuckin' freaked when I rose up off the table. Let's get some [snow cones]! ❋ Lord HJ Mumpleton (2009)

Ryan was embalmed in [Limoncello] on a recent [trip] to [Naples]. ❋ Km133 (2012)

[Oh my fucking god], I got SO [embalmed] at the party last night...[did I] do anything stupid?? ❋ Metallicajunkie (2018)

"[IM] [EMBALMER] [HON]!" ❋ Skeetdrums (2012)

"Hey bro you gotta [embalm] your [ex-wife] or shes gonna [go bad]" ❋ Bastard27 (2020)

"If [hip hop is dead] , I am the [embalming fluid]." - [Mahatma] Ghandi ❋ Roanotherwan (2015)

A) As an [embalmer], it is my professional duty to [sanitize], deodorize, preserve, and restore [the deceased]. B) When a family is unhappy with the appearance of the deceased, it is certain that the emblamer will be blamed. ❋ Dodgebabe8788 (2009)

"Hey bro your [ex-wife] is gonna [go bad] if you don't [embalm] her" ❋ Bastard27 (2020)

[I swear], if [he says] [one more] word about my mom I'm gonna give him some embalming therapy. ❋ Bleebloo (2009)

"[What do] you wanna do today?" "I just [got some] more embalming fluid, wanna smoke?" "[I'm down]" ❋ Big Rip (2007)

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