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Hyphenation em bas sy
Pronunciations /ˈɛmbəsi/

Definitions and meanings of "Embassy"

What do we mean by embassy?

A building containing the offices of an ambassador and staff. noun

The position, function, or assignment of an ambassador. noun

A mission to a foreign government headed by an ambassador. noun

A staff of diplomatic representatives headed by an ambassador. noun

The public function or mission of an ambassador; the charge or employment of a public minister, whether ambassador or envoy; hence, an important mission of any kind: as, he was qualified for the embassy. noun

A message, as that of an ambassador; a charge committed to a messenger. noun

A mission, or the person or persons intrusted with a mission; a legation. noun

The official residence of an ambassador; the ambassadorial building or buildings. noun

The public function of an ambassador; the charge or business intrusted to an ambassador or to envoys; a public message to; foreign court concerning state affairs; hence, any solemn message. noun

The person or persons sent as ambassadors or envoys; the ambassador and his suite; envoys. noun

The residence or office of an ambassador. noun

The function or duty of an ambassador. noun

An organization or group of officials who permanently represent a sovereign state in a second sovereign state or with respect to an international organization such as the United Nations. noun

A temporary mission representing a sovereign state. noun

The official residence of such a group, or of an ambassador. noun

An ambassador and his entourage collectively noun

A diplomatic building where ambassadors live or work noun

The function or duty of an ambassador.

An organization or group of officials who permanently represent a sovereign state in a second sovereign state or with respect to an international organization such as the United Nations.

A temporary mission representing a sovereign state.

The official residence of such a group, or of an ambassador.

U.S. Embassy: the one place you can find in every big town in any country, worldwide, where any U.S. Citizen immediately feels at home and can be sure to get the appropriate attention and service he knows: McDonald's Urban Dictionary

Causing wonder or astonishment. Replacement for sweet. Derived from: 1) Embassy Suite 2) embassy sweet 3) embassy Urban Dictionary

A McDonalds. Typically one in a foreign country. Urban Dictionary

The act of french kissing non-traditional holes of the body. Each hole that you stick your tongue into establishes an "french embassy," because you bring a little bit of France to that body part. When establishing french embassies typically more than one is suggested for effective "diplomatic relations." Urban Dictionary

A sweet ass hotel owned by hilton, usually with a huge open area inside that you can fly paper airplanes and throw coins, luggage and your freinds down. They usually have free happy hour from 530-730, and you can get fresh omelettes for free for breakfast. Also each room is really 2 rooms, hence the name embassy SUITES. Urban Dictionary

KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN(in any region outside of america,other wise in america it is popeyes and/or chickfila) Urban Dictionary

A secretive sexual term for analingus. Like a french kiss, but more emb.ass.y. Generally used when trying to conceal the fact that you're talking about licking someone's butt in front of them ... Urban Dictionary

Fucking dogshit ass pizza and its only good when its eaten a day later after being left on the counter Urban Dictionary

Pizza that the cheese slides off when u take a bite which is fucking dogshit Urban Dictionary

A Hard Rock Café in any country besides the United States Urban Dictionary

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The word "embassy" in example sentences

It is known of course to all divines, but not necessarily, perhaps, to every other person, that this turbulent and ambitious patriarch, during what he calls his embassy to Syria, occupied himself in taking down notes of the contents of theological treatises by his predecessors and contemporaries, with his judgments on their merits. ❋ John Hill Burton (N/A)

She has offices, which she calls her embassy, and there, with a staff of secretaries, she advises, dictates, revises lists, issues thousands of invitations a week during the season, plans entertainments for practically all of New York society that makes a business of pleasure. ❋ Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton (1902)

An official at the Afghanistan embassy is happy that the Afghan officials are informing the strategy review, and comments that the Karzai government looks "forward to forging ahead with a new coordinated and comprehensive regional strategy to overcome the joint challenges that Afghanistan and Pakistan face." ❋ Unknown (2009)

If Congress gives us the money we are asking for, this embassy is going to be twice the size it is now. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The Baghdad embassy is already the largest in the world. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Harlan's story about the statue at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin that looks down at the French embassy is further proof that watching cagefighting and drinking beer can help history come alive! ❋ Tyler (2009)

The British embassy is now accepting injured Iranians ❋ The Huffington Post News Team (2009)

And now the British embassy is saying that no one asked the Obama administration if the threat was still in place. ❋ Unknown (2009)

“And now the British embassy is saying that no one asked the Obama administration if the threat was still in place.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

August 4th, 2009 2: 51 pm ET when ever america leaves what ever they did will be undone what about cheneys multi billion dollar embassy is it a ware-house now ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Chinese embassy is around the corner from my house so I wandered over to get some first hand pictures of the event. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The US embassy is withdrawing from its central London fortress. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Tidings that the US embassy is moving to an unspecified five-acre location in south London may be good news for local residents (some of whom were renting rooms for a proper view of the rioting in 1968), but bad news for the unhealthier sections of the north London left. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I called the embassy and shortly afterward greeted an agent who arrived on the scene. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Not surprisingly, the Hot Chocolate from the Tamale Lady in from of the Mexican embassy is goooood. ❋ Unknown (2008)

"If you don't have American snacks with you, you might be forced to sample local products. You might not enjoy these local treats as much as the ones you are used to, so don't take any chances. (...) -Use the [Embassy]" (Source: [htt] p://w [ww].nothingforungood. com) ❋ Mercator (2008)

[Johnathan]: I just found $[100] that I thought I had lost! [Marlon]: Dude that is embassy! ❋ Johnathan & Marlon (2006)

If all [the restaurants] [in Paris] are [treating] you like crap, you could always go to the American Embassy. ❋ Americanmidwestsamurai (2010)

[Craig Ferguson] thought a French Embassy wasn't [a sex] act. Well it is now, [enjoy]! ❋ Mystic-X (2011)

1) Dad: hey guys I booked us 3 nights at the embassy suites for our upcoming trip Daughter: [thanks dad] now I can get a [shirley temple] Son: sweet! Do you [want to fly] planes off the balcony? Mom: Ooh thanks honey now I can have some wine before we go to dinner ❋ Jason DeRolex (2018)

[tyrone] [hit up] [the local] Nigga Embassy yesterday. ❋ Quandaledingle93 (2022)

[Joe]: who's this ? [Jeff]: This is [Mary], we're going to the french embassy later. Joe: nice. Mary: ?!? ❋ Wuntoothrie (2011)

Person 1: Bro the .U.S embassy pizza last night was garbage person 2: I know right! I took a bite and all of [the cheese] [fell off] Person 1: It also tasted like [rubber] lmao ❋ US Embassy Pizza (2021)

Person 1: Yo [do u] like the U.S [embassy] pizza? Person 2: no its ass Person 1: [fax] bruh f ❋ US Embassy Pizza (2021)

I’m so [hungover], but all they have in [Rome] is [pasta] and wine. I’m gonna get a burger and a coke over at the American embassy. ❋ Hegel69 (2022)

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