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Definitions of "emotions"

  • Plural form of emotion. noun

The word "emotions" in example sentences

"It seems such a pity," he often said, with his pensively humorous smile, "to limit the scope of one's emotions -- _borner la carriere a ses emotions_!". [The Crown of Life]

To have someone speak to their lizardbrain emotions is what they crave.. [Think Progress » Did Palin write the answers to Tea Party Convention questions on her hand?]

Dr. Frankel says that finding new ways to express my emotions is an important part of my recovery.. [Quiet Play « A Fly in Amber]

The day when you are ready for men to express their emotions is the day you will see that we have them.. [Scripting News for 8/12/2006 « Scripting News Annex]

Skinner, for instance, was grossly misleading when he claimed that what we call emotions are names for classifying behavior with respect to various circum - stances which affect the probability of the behavior's occurrence; for the circumstances are those which are interpreted by the subject in a certain light, e.g., as dangerous in the case of fear, as involving somebody else having something which we want in the case of envy.. [BEHAVIORISM]

There was no way I could have worked as a lawyer and still write – especially a book like The Gift of Rain, where I had to feel, to immerse myself in emotions and mood.. [Twan Eng Tan - An interview with author]

“Discussing emotions is always tricky for people,” Josh Bernstein had said at the conference.. [Exile in Greenville]

My favorite passage on emotions is in the chapter on self-deception (p. 116):. [Tyler Cowen Practices Reverse Psychiatry, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Now to just pick 3 books and actually talk about emotions is a tough one for me hehe. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Win a SONY Reader. It’s as easy as sharing your emotions.]

Instead, the problem with piling allegedly platonic relationships on to a table already heaving with an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of modern emotions is that (and I shall see this metaphor through to the end if it kills me) a plateful of delicious herring smorgas is very likely to end up all over the floor.. [Can you be just good friends?]

There is considerable evidence that merely faking certain emotions/reactions/attitudes disposes you to having them.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Public Opinion, Anti-Discrimination Law, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964]

If you can do this, then all of the handwringing about "human consciousness" and "telling the truth" and educating emotions is just so much pomp and circumstance.. [Style in Fiction]

This volatile mix of emotions is what should make any snap-shot, sound-bite perfect instant analysis of the Brown-Whitman debate Tuesday night highly suspect to say the least.. [Charles Feldman: Beware Facile Analysis of Brown-Whitman Debate: Voters Seem Confused]

In cases where the use of stimulated emotions is not intended to manipulate, policymakers may not be able to show that said use is deceptive, which means that regulations may have a harder time passing constitutional muster.. [Advertising in the Matrix | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

While the potential for technology regarding the stimulation of the senses and emotions is certainly feasible, at the moment not enough is known about memory to accurately predict what will be possible.. [Are Memories Copyrightable? | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

Show not tell – A stark image of a naked body may bring certain emotions to some people, but the addition of whisper thin draping and dimmed lighting, will allure a greater percentage of people; some sighting it as porn, others expounding the qualities of the artistic manner its portrayed.. [Common ways to abuse your readers « Write Anything]

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I cant stress enough how darling in the franxx fUcked my emotions up


@RamsdenMF: Let's not confuse Stoicism with the suppression of emotions. Becoming a slave and running from emotions is not a solution.…


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