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Ostwald, who would replace what he terms a mechanical theory of the universe by an "energetical" theory, and would dwell exclusively on energy as opposed to its vehicles.. [A Librarian's Open Shelf]

Thus the economic cost-benefit-analyses will have to concentrate on the alternative options left over after this energetical pre-selection.. [1. BASIC APPROACH a) Cost-Benefit-Approach for Socio-Economic Selection]

The energetical selection (lit. b) and the economic cost-benefit-approach (lit. a) will both limit the energy-options to a few; to narrow further down the remaining alternatives, some more general criteria might be helpful.. [1. BASIC APPROACH a) Cost-Benefit-Approach for Socio-Economic Selection]

But he in whom it is hath a fitness, readiness, and habitual power for all vital actions, yet so as without the concurrence of God in his energetical providence, moving and acting of him, he can do nothing; for "in God we live, and move, and have our being," Acts xvii.. [Pneumatologia]

What we have, then, from him, we have by the way of his energetical working.. [Of Communion with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost]

The Minister selected examples from the warfare of the eighteenth century, the time of the lukewarm campaigns, and the warfare of the nineteenth century, the era of logical and energetical battles.. [New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 3, June, 1915 April-September, 1915]

"I must cut my nails," she remarked, giving a finishing touch to this labour of love, which made Diavolo rock on his chair, but he accepted her attentions as a matter-of-course, merely drawling: "Angelica is _so_ energetical!" as he recovered his balance.. [The Heavenly Twins]

He, as well as Yarchenko, knew well the value of popularity among the studying youths, and even if he did look upon people with a certain contempt, from above, still he never, by as much as a single movement of his thin, clever, energetical lips, showed this.. [Yama: the pit]

Whether, flattered by an honor I had not expected, I endeavored to enhance the value of it; or that there really was in the embrace a little of that commiseration natural to generous hearts, I found in her manner and look something energetical which penetrated me.. [The Confessions of J J Rousseau]

Physicists vainly endeavour to reduce the rôle of sensation -- Mathematical, energetical, and mechanical theories of universe -- Mechanical model formed from sensation -- Instance of tuning-fork -- No one sensation any right to hegemony over others. [The Mind and the Brain Being the Authorised Translation of L'Âme et le Corps]

He almost regretted this conclusion, for the girl's forehead was so high, her eyes so lofty and her delicate mouth so impressed with a proud and energetical curl that no ambition would seem beyond the flight of one thus beautiful and high-spirited.. [The Son of Clemenceau]

At the moment of her conference with him, she did this with all her energy; and then, as soon as she was alone, she asked herself why she had been so energetical.. [Miss Mackenzie]

That her father was and would be an uncompromising enemy to her, -- uncompromising though probably not energetical, -- she was well aware; and, therefore, the journey up to London was not comfortable.. [Can You Forgive Her?]

At the same time I saw an energetical and cordial face which was smiling at me with tear-dimmed eyes.. [The Memoirs of Victor Hugo]

And instantly with flushed cheek, and glaring eye, and the foam on his gnashed teeth, fierce, energetical, undaunted, Catiline sprang to his feet to reply.. [The Roman Traitor (Vol. 2 of 2)]

It was well for Rome at that hour, that there was still in the commonwealth, a counterpoise to the Democratic Spirit; which, vehement and energetical beyond all others in sudden and great emergencies, is ever restless and impatient of protracted watchfulness and preparation, and lacks that persistency and resolute endurance which seems peculiar to aristocratic constitutions.. [The Roman Traitor (Vol. 2 of 2)]

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