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Backwards it spells none, which is about how many people live in it. Full of sexual predators and sex offenders. Urban Dictionary

A gay ass neighborhood located in Chester Virginia. A place where fucked up people live. Many of the teenagers like to fuck and smoke pot and snort crack. Lots of hot girls, though, and good fucks. Once a peaceful neighborhood, now a place for crackheads. Lots of sluts-good stuff. Urban Dictionary

An extremely small town of about 400 people in western Pennsylvania. It is an extremely quaint place to live and everyone knows everyone and their great grandparents. Boredom is inevitable and the only fun thing to do is harass amish people. Urban Dictionary

A very cool person when u get to know them. Kind and a very beautiful person loves attention . Very loving person. They get mad very fast and hard to calm them down but only if u your being a bitch. Urban Dictionary

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The word "enones" in example sentences

This, the authors surmise, is linked to some of the facile combinatorial-type reactions used to prepare them, particularly ones that leave enones or exo-alkenes in the final structures. ❋ Unknown (2010)

During the initial sponsorship period, the main emphasis was placed on projects for screening for new catalysts, including the development and improvement of catalysts for controlled hydrogenation of enones and for olefin metathesis. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[Josh] is the [typical] [resident] of Enon. ❋ I Love Richards (2011)

Hey i lived in Enon and [got fucked] up and nearly [knocked up] a [dozen] girls. ❋ Robert Baugher (2008)

Kid from a town of more than [400] people: Hey man, are you doing anything tonight? Enon Valley [Citizen]: Nah, man [I live] in Enon Valley ❋ Some Chick Named Janelle (2009)

[Hey] Enon ❋ Josh Gouch (2021)

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