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In philately, see Cover In mathematics, see Entire function In animal fancy and animal husbandry, entire indicates that an animal has not been desexed, that is, spayed or neutered In botany, an edge (such as of a leaf, petal, calyx, etc.) is called entire if it has a smooth margin without notches (teeth)..

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Definitions of "entire"

  • Having no part excluded or left out; whole: I read the entire book. See Synonyms at whole. adjective
  • With no reservations or limitations; complete: gave us his entire attention. adjective
  • All in one piece; intact. adjective
  • Of one piece; continuous. adjective
  • Not castrated. adjective
  • Botany Not having an indented margin: an entire leaf. adjective
  • Unmixed or unalloyed; pure or homogenous. adjective
  • The whole; the entirety. noun
  • An uncastrated horse; a stallion. noun
  • whole; complete adjective
  • Having a smooth margin without any indentation. adjective
  • Complex-differentiable on all of ℂ. adjective
  • Not gelded. adjective
  • An uncastrated horse; a stallion. noun
  • A complete envelope with stamps and all official markings: (prior to the use of envelopes) a page folded and posted. noun
  • Complete in all parts; undivided; undiminished; whole; full and perfect; not deficient adjective
  • Without mixture or alloy of anything; unqualified; morally whole; pure; faithful. adjective
  • adjective
  • Consisting of a single piece, as a corolla. adjective

The word "entire" in example sentences

The masked Queen pictured in the first issue was Manfred Lee, and by Lee's account, in a 1969 letter to _The Armchair Detective, _ the two shared the workload: "[W] e were its entire staff -- you read me -- _entire; _ we did not even have a secretary.. [Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine]

Now when he has won the title entire nation, tennis loves and his family feeling so proud of him.. [Australian Open junior title Winner Yuki Bhambri]

Halsted had operated on enough women and extracted enough tumors to create what he called an entire “cancer storehouse” at Hopkins.. [The Emperor of All Maladies]

There are countless dramas within this leela, which I define as the entire theatre of life and all its forms.. [Gangaji: What Does Your Life Teach?]

I called the entire abortion problem a tragedy at the Princeton conference, and I stand by it.. [Dr. David P. Gushee: Abortion, American Culture And The Limits Of Law]

You can see how that sentence and how what I've told you here are actually not in entire disagreement.. [msagara: Good Enough is Never Enough. Maybe...]

It would be collective action backed by board of the IMF, "says Ambrose," and, by doing many countries at once, try to restore confidence in entire system.. [International Monetary Fund Debates Internal Reforms, Global Economic Growth]

Levy says, "real-time poke will lead to better means marketing, which will spin entire operations in to better tellurian citizens.". [Archive 2009-12-01]

Combo updaters contain entire apps, not just snippets of them.. [Is the Latest Apple OS Update Causing Problems?]

When unions fought for safe and fair working conditions, the bosses brought in entire police forces and hired thugs to physically intimidate, injure and kill the workers.. [John DeCock: The Return of the Corporate Goon Squad]

Can we talk about how the whole stinking thing sends the young men in entire ZIP codes into prison now?? joejoejoe Says:. [Matthew Yglesias » Requests We Can Believe In]

And Michael, with thumps of tail to the floor and a high sharp bark, showed that he was in entire agreement with whatever had been propounded.. [CHAPTER VII]

Instead of celebrating the opportunity to inspire a new generation of world leaders and to imbue them with positive feelings toward the United States, your bill would label entire groups of people terrorists based on their nationality and have them summarily deported.. [Trita Parsi: Open Letter to Congressman Gresham Barrett on His Plans to Deport All Iranian Visa Holders]

We, on the other hand, thought that it could also be turned into a cenotaph mega-machine, capable of printing thousands of Pharaonic mausoleums based on designs by Boullée, resulting in entire provinces or states or even whole nations becoming literally valleys of the dead, hosting thousands of encapsulated monumental voids.. [Elastic]

I wonder how much the DRM is driven by Amazon and how much by the publishing industry - more so than music, I suspect that book publishers have a more legit fear of digital downloads since it's much harder (though obviously it happens) to scan in entire books.. [Why I love Amazon, they just get it : #comments]

Why is it when Obama points out something about Hillarys 'flawed ideas there's a few sentences about what he piont is but then she responds and the media gives her center stage by printing what she said in entire paragraphs, the same in video clips, and sound bites, I mean itsike theresthis whole thing of the media influencing the vote by helping her along by giving her more time in every venue.. [Obama camp out with new gas tax ad, Clinton camp fires back]

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TurkishEntire English to Turkish Translate
s., i. tam, tamam, bütün, parçalanmamış; iğdiş edilmemiş (hayvan); bot. tek parçadan ibaret, yekpare; kenarı dişli olmayan (yaprak); i. bütün.s., i. tam, tamam, bütün, parçalanmamış; iğdiş edilmemiş (hayvan); bot. tek parçadan ibaret, yekpare; kenarı dişli olmayan (yaprak); i. bütün.

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