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An entity is something that exists as itself, as a subject or as an object, actually or potentially, concretely or abstractly, physically or not. It need not be of material existence. In particular, abstractions and legal fictions are usually regarded as entities. In general, there is also no presumption that an entity is animate, or present. The word is abstract in intention. It may refer, for example, to Bucephalus, the horse of Alexander; to a stone; to a cardinal number; to a language; or to ghosts or other spirits. The word entitative is the adjective form of the noun entity. Something that is entitative is considered in its own right..

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Definitions of "entities"

  • Plural form of entity. noun

The word "entities" in example sentences

The trust departments of banks are separate entities from the branches.. [Fideicomiso local bank only?]

The bid process in many government entities is filled with favoritism and cronyism.. [Developer Wants to Crowdsource Government RFP]

Edmonds - "We talked very briefly onCentral Asia angle and 9/11 and the Mujahideen and Al Qaeda" and the role played by certain Turkish entities, so we talked briefly about that, yes, but mainly on the corruption U.S. persons, even in relation to those activities "it came up briefly.". [Sibel Edmonds Deposition: Deep Corruption Beneath the Surface]

SE: It is not the Turkish government - it only looks like it is the Turkish government, but these are certain entities, and again there is plenty of information out there, these are certain Turkish entities that are engaged in certain international activities, some of them legal, some of them illegal.. [Rob Kall Interviews Sibel Edmonds]

Beginning May 1, 2010, title entities must charge for TBD at the time the commitment is provided.. [Summit Daily News - Top Stories]

• Free classes for real estate agents - while title entities may still teach classes relating to title insurance without charge to the attendees, but any costs associated for classes not primarily related to the business of title insurance must be passed back to the attendees.. [Denver Business News - Local Denver News | Denver Business Journal]

• Title commitments and disclosures - a number of updates affect the internal operation of title entities, including clarifications on what is considered a reasonable search and exam, disclosure requirements on the title commitments regarding true ownership of properties, and prohibitions against overly broad coverage exceptions.. [Denver Business News - Local Denver News | Denver Business Journal]

This was blocked at the time [18] because, according to the next President, George W. Bush, 'certain Turkish entities' were actively engaged in 'certain activities directly relating to nuclear proliferation' [19].. [Blather.net newsfeed]

All projects like this turn into long term entities if they're half-popular, unless they do a small task well, and stick to doing that small task.. [Slashdot: Ask Slashdot]

Latin American entities cannot greatly harm American interests themselves, but they can be used as fulcrums by hostile states further abroad to strike at the core of the United States 'power: its undisputed command of North America.. [Safehaven]

The draft statement calls for a list of "entities" -- shorthand for financial institutions and individuals -- eligible to have their assets frozen because of ties to the missile program.. [U.N. to Condemn Pyongyang Launch]

That agreement became the country's constitution and set up two quasi-autonomous "entities" -- the Republika Srpska (usually referred to as the RS) and the Federation, a shaky alliance between Bosnia's Croats and Muslims.. [Bosnia Reborn]

While the accords ended the fighting, they also enshrined the country's internal divisions by creating two "entities" -- the Republika Srpska and the Muslim-Croat federation, each with its own police and army and bureaucracy -- alongside a central government with a three-member presidency, representing Croats, Muslims and Serbs.. [BALKANS TRAGEDY]

It established two semiautonomous political "entities" -- one ethnically Serb, the other Muslim and Croat -- and subsumed both beneath a weak central government.. [Stitching up Bosnia]

'certain Turkish entities', as George W. Bush called them; the CIA front-company connected to the outed agent Valerie Plame; and first and foremost, the story of the FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds (pictured), the subject of this first part.. [Blather.net newsfeed]

While it's true that one doesn't have to look hard to find other examples of media critics who report for media entities, that is not a role I want at this time.. [Dan Abrams: Introducing Mediaite]

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In Massachusetts, quasi-government entities face blurred lines in transparency and oversight


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  • PronunciationsEH1 N T IH0 T IY0 Z
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