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Definitions of "epicentres"

  • See aoudad. noun
  • Plural form of epicentre. noun

The word "epicentres" in example sentences

The most important feature in the distribution of the epicentres is the central region of extraordinary activity; but there are also districts of minor and more short-lived activity near the three extremities of the meizoseismal band.. [A Study of Recent Earthquakes]

Deal values in Europe and North America, the epicentres of the global credit crisis, were up 160% and 192%, respectively, from 2009 lows.. [Private Equity Becomes Integral to India Inc.]

The epicentres of these earthquakes both lie near to the edge of the Australian plate, about 4,000 miles apart.. [In Indonesia, Thousands Still Trapped Under Rubble]

Increasingly these public health issues are linked to wildlife, and to disease epicentres in countries such as China.. [One Lifeboat~ Chapter 2]

It is significant that 22 universities have been named as epicentres of jihadist recruitment.. [Speak loudly and carry a very small stick]

Other fraud epicentres include Thamesmead, Greenwich and Peckham.. [Stuck in Thamesmead?]

Somatic and cerebral alike prey in rich waters unmediated, feeding in epicentres tailor-made for stalkers, erotomaniacs, denigrators and plain nuts, sustaining grandiose fantasies, inflating self-images.. [Archive 2008-08-01]

ACB sez, Stencil artist Banksy has written an article for the Guardian on the war on graffiti and street art in Melbourne, Australia, until now one of the world's epicentres of street art, where the government has adopted a Giuliani-esque zero-tolerance policy to sanitise the city for the Commonwealth Games.. [- Boing Boing]

Moscou - les epicentres de l'economie Russe, le plus grand debouche en gros et les propositions.. [A New Virtual World Winter?]

It's hard to believe in the 30-degree-plus heat of Guangzhou, but this city has been named one of the epicentres of the Cold Cyber War.. [The Return of Fu Manchu - Chapter One: Heinous Hackers]

If they only arrested, charged and prosecuted these 20 key terrorist leaders, they will have a struck a fatal blow against the epicentres of al-Qaeda extremism in the UK.. [Ex-UK intel official says liquid explosive claims 'fiction']

Thus it was some ten minutes before the coolest (and farthest detached) observers were able to judge the epicentres of attack and ascertain the pattern imposed by the Russian gunners on their plan.. [First Clash]

Rantowles epicentres, especially about the former, and a contraction in the intermediate region.. [A Study of Recent Earthquakes]

During the first two months, epicentres occur over nearly the whole of the meizoseismal area, but afterwards they are confined to a smaller district, which slowly, though not continually, decreases in size.. [A Study of Recent Earthquakes]

The numerous after-shocks which follow a great earthquake originate for the most part within the seismic focus of the latter; and, as they usually disturb a very small area, it is not difficult to ascertain approximately the positions of their epicentres.. [A Study of Recent Earthquakes]

In the Neapolitan earthquake, the sound was only heard in a district of about 3,300 square miles immediately surrounding the epicentres, while the whole area disturbed by the shock was not less than 39,000 square miles.. [A Study of Recent Earthquakes]

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@gyude_moore: "Since the outbreak erupted in August, a massive response effort has built up around the epicentres..." A parallel effort…


"Since the outbreak erupted in August, a massive response effort has built up around the epicentres..." A parallel…


@mjdawar: All the National and international media is requested to join us at PTM Rally on 13th January in district Tank, a city which i…

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