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Hyphenation eq ui ty
Pronunciations /ˈɛk.wɪ.ti/

Definitions and meanings of "Equity"

What do we mean by equity?

The state or quality of being just and fair. noun

Something that is just and fair. noun

Justice achieved not simply according to the strict letter of the law but in accordance with principles of substantial justice and the unique facts of the case. noun

An equitable right or claim. noun

Ownership interest in a corporation, property, or other holding, usually calculated as the value of the holding after subtracting any debt or liabilities. noun

Shares of common stock or preferred stock. noun

The value of a brand's reputation. noun

Representing an ownership interest. adjective

Of or relating to stocks. adjective

Subordinated to all other claims on income, earnings, or assets. adjective

That which is equally right or just to all concerned; equal or impartial justice; fairness; impartiality. noun

In law: Fairness in the adjustment of conflicting interests; the application of the dictates of good conscience to the settlement of controversies: often called natural equity. noun

The system of jurisprudence or body of doctrines and rules as to what is equitable and fair and what is not, by which the defects of, and the incidental hardships resulting from, the inflexibility of the forms and the universality of the rules of the common-law tribunals are corrected or remedied, and substantial justice is done. noun

The court or jurisdiction in which these doctrines are applied: as, a suit in equity. noun

An equitable right; that to which one is justly entitled; specifically, a right recognized by courts of equity which the common law did not provide for: as, the wife's equity, or her right, when her husband sought to enforce his common-law claim to reduce her property to his own possession, to have a portion of it settled on herself. noun

The remaining interest belonging to one who has pledged or mortgaged his property, or the surplus of value which may remain after the property has been disposed of for the satisfaction of liens. U. S. noun

A right or obligation incident to a property or contract as between two persons, but not incident to the property or contract from its own nature. In this sense used in the plural. noun

Fairness, impartiality, or justice as determined in light of "natural law" or "natural right".

Various related senses originating with the Court of Chancery in late Medieval England

Various senses related to net value

Recent social justice buzzword made prominent in university-lexicon post-covid/blm/george floyd era political discourse in the west. because, somehow, 'equality' was not inclusive enough! just forget the fact the equity in mainstream discourse has always referred to valuation of assets Urban Dictionary

How ignorant people spell equality. Urban Dictionary

1. The value of the shares/stock issued by a company. 2. A branch of law that developed alongside the common law in order to fix some of the outright bullshit, injustice and unfairness present in the common law Urban Dictionary

Noun The amount of TV programming saved to a Tivo or Digital Video Recorder when the pause button is used--not to be confused with recorded TV programming which is saved on the Tivo or DVR indefinently. Equity only lasts up until the channel is changed or is 'spent' fast forwarding through commercials. tivo dvr Urban Dictionary

You are standing infront of the Oxygen Machine but you wont fix it Urban Dictionary

The money an online poker player loses by running to the bathroom to pee during a session. True pros combat this by pissing into Gatorade bottles while continuing to play. Urban Dictionary

Low rung position assigned to those in the investment banking world deemed shitty by the BSDs overseeing new recruit allocation. Future prospects scant. Popularized by Michael Lewis's Liar's Poker. Urban Dictionary

The amount of time and money a guy spends on trying to hook up with a girl at a bar or night club. Urban Dictionary

Hipster Equity – hip-ster ek-wi-tee noun The cumulative value of an individual's style and preferences that contribute to their overall qualifications to be acceptable among the independent cultural elite (hipsters). One's Hipster Equity is positioned against another's to determine which is greater. Increases and decreases in Hipster Equity can only be determined by external entities. Urban Dictionary

The work one invests in a business venture. Urban Dictionary

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The word "equity" in example sentences

Major Abbot said, "people err greatly in reference to my court -- some think it is a court of law -- _but it is not a court of law_; some think it is a court of equity -- _but it is not a court of equity_. ❋ John West (1840)

But, an increase in equity is of little value to a homeowner, unless the homeowner decides to convert that equity to cash by selling the property (or using it as loan collateral). ❋ Unknown (2005)

I bought by house four years ago with 5% down, and I think my equity is about equal to the brokerage fee. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This is what we call equity; people regard it as just; it is, in fact, the sort of justice which goes beyond the written law. ❋ Aristotle (2002)

Kendall resisted, and sought what he called equity by placing his case before the London company. ❋ P. Thomas Stanford (1897)

I am a passionate supporter of that style of feminism, which I call equity feminism. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It just changes who the liability "equity" is payable to. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Brand equity is usually analyzed either from the perspective of the firm or from the perspective of the consumer (willingness to pay more). ❋ Rebecca Tushnet (2009)

Rather, it will present a detailed account of the events that day, showing that a confluence of factors led to the plunge that wiped out roughly $862 billion in equity-market value in less than 20 minutes. ❋ Jessica Holzer (2010)

"If you look at the deed records for low income neighborhoods," says Zinner, "you'll see so many homes where people were refinanced over and over and over, sometimes several times in one year until their equity is gone and they lose the house." ❋ Stephen Lambert (2010)

The equity is also resting on long-term support at its 20-month trendline. ❋ Jocelynn Drake (2010)

Over the next 28 months Tuzman would blow through $20 million in equity and $35 million in debt before orchestrating a sale for $12 million to First Data ❋ Christopher Steiner (2010)

Lo! those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah (God Almighty), and slay the Prophets wrongfully, and slay those of mankind who enjoin equity: announce them a painful doom. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Enel Chief Executive Fulvio Conti previously said he expects to raise at least € 3 billion, tallying with analyst estimates that Enel Green Power's equity is worth roughly € 9 billion. ❋ Margot Patrick (2010)

This "combined with continued strong investment performance and the rebound in equity markets increased assets under management." ❋ Aparajita Saha-Bubna (2010)

"Perhaps we will see a tail-off in equity-market strength in anticipation of a 'sell on fact' reaction to quantitative easing in the U.S.," said IG Markets trader Chris Weston in Sydney. ❋ Shri Navaratnam (2010)

"We feel it's another way of New York City taking away more water equity from the basin," said Elaine Reichart, president of Aquatic Conservation Unlimited, an advocacy group. ❋ Joseph De Avila (2010)

equalit--uhh-- equity for all! ❋ 11020anon (2023)

"Yo obama is the best he gonna give us all equity." "Unfortunately those [stocks] wouldn't be worth much" "[Na man], he gonna make us the same." "Oh, you mean [equality], dumbass." ❋ Dontrush (2009)

1. This company doesn't have much [equity], it must be financed through a lot of debt. If it doesn't produce enough cash flow from operations, they banks are coming to claim their interest and it's [goind] under. 2. Yo, did you hear how the common law courts tried to give the dude's house that he paid for to that [skanky hoe] just because her name was on the deed. Thank God that in [Equity] he was ruled to have some beneficial title in it. If the common law was the only system that existed, we'd all be anally raped in the snow and left to freeze. ❋ RtotheOB (2005)

I paused the TV 10 minutes ago and now I have enough [equity] so I probably won't have to sit through any commercials while I watch [my favorite show]. I can just [fast forward] right through them using my 10 minutes of equity. ❋ Vodka Martini (2005)

"[oh no] [the Imposter] did [the Equity]" ❋ Kirumi (2020)

Noob: "I really had to pee, so I [sat out] on all of my tables for [one minute] and ran to the bathroom." Pro: "[You fish]! Do you know how much piss equity you gave up by missing those 20 hands?!" ❋ Kos13 (2011)

Yeah, I was sent to cover [equities in Dallas] ... [might as well] [shoot] myself now. ❋ DCprince (2006)

Example 1: Dude1: How'd it go last night? Dude2: Terrible! I spent 3 hours and $45 of bar equity into some chick at the club only to have her fat cockblocker friend suddenly drag her away drunkenly shouting, "We gotta go now! Bye, Bye!" Example 2: Random [bar ho]: Hey Sexy! Wanna buy me a drink? Guy: Uhhhh...... Wingman: (whispers) Wait, dude! You can't put any bar equity into a [jersey girl]. They can hold way too [mch] liqour and may drop you for some guido. ❋ Tenacious Faulker (2009)

1. You purchase an original [My Bloody Valentine] [Loveless] LP in [VG]+ condition. Hipster Equity +1. 2. You enter a Walmart for any reason. Hipster Equity -5. ❋ Oversat (2013)

I [may] not have much [capital], but I have [a lot] of sweat equity. ❋ Downstrike (2004)

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