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Escalade is the act of scaling defensive walls or ramparts with the aid of ladders, and was a prominent feature of siege warfare in medieval times. It was one of the most direct options available for attacking a fortification, but was also one of the most dangerous. Escalade consisted simply of soldiers advancing to the base of a wall, setting ladders, and climbing to engage the defending forces. This would generally be conducted in the face of arrow fire from the battlements, and the defenders would naturally attempt to push ladders away from the wall. Heated or incendiary substances such as boiling water, heated sand, and pitch-coated missiles were sometimes poured on attacking soldiers. As the result of all this, it was often difficult for attackers to reach the top of the wall. Even when they did so, however, they would be heavily outnumbered by the defenders. Often, the objective of escalade was not to take the fortification itself, as it was thought impossible to get sufficient numbers of troops up the ladders. Rather, infiltration in this manner had the intention of opening the fortification's gates, to allow a more direct attack. Fortifications were often constructed in such a way as to impede escalade, or at least to make it a less attractive option. Some of the measures taken to counter escalade included the digging of moats (which prevented ladder-bearing soldiers from reaching the base of a wall), the construction of machicolations (which facilitated attacks on enemy soldiers while they climbed), and walls incorporating a talus feature. Because of the difficulties involved, escalade was usually very costly for the attackers. Two critical factors in determining the success or failure of escalade were the number of ladders and the speed with which they could be arranged. A slow attack gave the defenders too much time to pick off the attackers with arrows, while having too few ladders meant that the number of troops would be insufficient to capture the battlements. A third important factor was the estimation of the height of the wall. If the ladders were made too long they could be easily pushed to one side and if too short the attackers could not pull themselves up onto the top of the wall. Tactics employed included getting as many men on the ladder at the same time (the more men that were on the ladder at the same time, the more its weight and the more the difficulty of dislodging it), attacking by night or at a remote part of the wall. Escalade was, in essence, an attempt to overwhelm defenders in a direct assault rather than sit through a protracted siege. Attackers would generally attempt escalade if they had reason for wanting a swift conclusion, or if they had an overwhelming superiority in numbers. Otherwise, less costly siege tactics were often preferred. Modern assaulters sometimes use off-the-shelf ladders or firefighting ladder trucks to attack a building through upper windows and balconies. Purpose-modified vans and trucks with a variety of ramps, ladders, and stairs on the roof are also available. SWAT teams and other special forces units often put these to use to raid a house through an upper window and the front door simultaneously. Escalade is also an umbrella term used to describe more modern forms of climbing activities..

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With an auto industry on the precipice, the old Cadillacs, gas-guzzling escalades the size of tennis courts, will soon disappear.. [The Man Who Saved The Cadillac]

Nothing wrong with escalades, as it is a consumer best buy.. [The "G" in GM is for green? | The Greenwash Brigade | Marketplace from American Public Media]

SANCHEZ: As this conflict escalades, we care because much of the world's oil comes from this region.. [CNN Transcript Aug 9, 2008]

How do ambitious pygmies, reared on their hind legs on mountains of arguments, continue escalades?. [A Philosophical Dictionary]

Incidentally, your new land DOES, indeed, have an official language ... ebonics. unfortunately, not enough of the native ebonic-speaking population can get out of their escalades, and put down their bling-bling long enough to go and friggin 'vote. yet they continue to complain. hmmm.. [American Coastopia!]

Of escalades, of surprises, of breaches stormed, of camisades and ambushes, of dark treacheries and great heroisms did he descant to fire my youthful fancy, to fill me first with delight, and then with frenzy when. [The Strolling Saint; being the confessions of the high and mighty Agostino D'Anguissola, tyrant of Mondolfo and Lord of Carmina in the state of Piacenza]

In the rear was a badly closed orchard which rolled down to an abandoned path, favorable to escalades of lovers.. [Ramuntcho]

Now, with his talk of adventures, and with high hopes, I was so heartened up, that, to my shame, my grief fell from me, and I went to my bed to dream of trenches and escalades, glory and gain.. [A Monk of Fife]

There was more frequent firing upon the town, and feints were made with ladders and ropes for escalades at different points.. [The Bastonnais Tale of the American Invasion of Canada in 1775-76]

Mrs. Lake, too, had no confidence in any one but Abel as a nurse for her darling; the consequence of which was, that the little Jan was constantly trotting at his foster-brother's heels through the round - house, attempting valiant escalades on the ladders, and covering himself from head to foot with flour in the effort to cultivate a miller's thumb.. [Jan of the Windmill]

As for military escalades, the author extols the ladder of Bois-Rosé, so called from the captain who surprised Fécamp in former days by climbing up the cliff.. [Bouvard and Pécuchet A Tragi-comic Novel of Bourgeois Life]

With a simple inflexion of the brow, a mere flash of the pupil, more terrible than the thunder of Zeus, they precipitated you from the heights of your most ambitious escalades into depths of nothingness so profound that it was impossible to rise again.. [King Candaules]

The works had this peculiarity, that instead of rising above the earth, as did the ancient ramparts destined to defend a city from escalades, they, on the contrary, sank into it; and what created the height of the walls was the depth of the ditches.. [The Vicomte De Bragelonne]

Among attacks of this class may be mentioned the memorable assaults or escalades of Port Mahon in 1756, and of Berg-op-zoom in 1747, -- both preceded by sieges, but still brilliant _coups de main_, since in neither case was the breach sufficiently large for a regular assault.. [The Art of War]

Those gymnastic exercises are very useful which prepare soldiers for escalades and passing obstacles; and the engineers may with great advantage give their attention to providing means for facilitating the passage of the ditches of field-works and climbing their parapets.. [The Art of War]

The capture of Sizeboli in 1828, the unsuccessful attack of General Petrasch upon Kehl in 1796, the remarkable surprises of Cremona in 1702, of Gibraltar in 1704, and of Berg-op-zoom in 1814, as well as the escalades of Port Mahon and Badajos, give an idea of the different kinds of _coup de main_.. [The Art of War]

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