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Definitions of "escorts"

  • Plural form of escort. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of escort. verb

The word "escorts" in example sentences

Sending military escorts is a clear invitation by Turkey to engage in a shooting war with Israel.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » What’s Going on With Turkey]

` ` Imagine, all year long we never had police escort us here and there and now that we're here in the finals, we've got police escorts from the airport, police escorts from the hotel, police escorts from the gym back to the hotel.. []

Other Hong Kong shipping companies operating bulk carriers have accepted escorts from the Chinese warships as they pass through the pirate-plagued seas but not armed soldiers on board their vessels.. [The Earth Times Online Newspaper]

Naval escorts from a Dutch frigate and two NATO warships are providing vital protection from pirate attacks off the Horn of Africa for the six UN World Food Programme (WFP) ships loaded with aid.. [AllAfrica News: Latest]

So yesterday the idea of escorts wearing costumes was discussed, but ultimately rejected as there was some concern that it might be a bit offensive.. [Archive 2007-10-01]

My parents came and took me on an overnight visit — you get to spend one night with your parents in town at a hotel — and I told my parents I have changed, blah blah blah, but if you want me to go back, you have to call the escorts right now and watch them pull me off the bed.. [Nancy Jo Sales on private-school love]

Law enforcement officers said the escorts are a good idea because certain sections of southern New Mexico are especially dangerous.. [Home | KRQE TV]

CityVibe allows you to punch in an address and pull up a Google map of all the incall escorts in your area.. [Gawker: valleywag]

A recent search of the free service found so-called escorts from coast to coast using the site.. [Examiner California Headlines]

If you prefer this setup, then you should certainly go for the incall escorts over the outcall ones, which work the other way around.. [BeanRocket Blog Communities Lastest Posts]

But shipping companies often dislike the idea of escorts since time is money in the sea cargo business and escorts would force ships to follow a set schedule that might not be cost-efficient.. [Latest Headlines - ABC 7 News]

I'm sure Mitt will quickly learn from Vitter that you can shtup as many "escorts" or peddle as much porn as you like, as long as you just apologize for it and say God forgave you in the event you get caught.. [Election Central Morning Roundup]

Unidentified security "escorts" at that event prevented credentialed reporters from mingling with the crowd.. [ProPublica: Secret Service Denies Blocking Reporters at Palin Rallies]

Not to be disappointed are those seeking more discreet liaisons, "escorts" are available at hourly rates.. [Filth in a Pristine World: Sex Trade in Singapore Goes Unabated]

He's spent over $80,000 over the past several years on "escorts".. [NY Gov Spitzer: What on earth was the man thinking?]

Palfrey turned over four years 'worth of telephone records to ABC News, at least in part because she hoped the media would help her identify former customers who could bolster her defense that "escorts" working for her business dealt only in "fantasy," not real, sex.. [Washington: The Madam, the Media]

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  • PronunciationsEH1 S K AO0 R T S
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation


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