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ESG scoring is a way to force companies to follow the woke agenda. If you get a good ESG score your company will get investment, if you get a poor ESG score your company won't get the investment. The more woke your company is the better the ESG score. This is why now companies put ESG score ahead of making profit, eg Bud Light. Every big company now is owned by the commies. Urban Dictionary

ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance investing, also known as “sustainable investing” are investments that seek positive returns for positive performances and long-term benefits to environment, social and governance. and green businesses. Urban Dictionary

N. an acronym for excessive salivating glands Urban Dictionary

Eat Sleep Gym Urban Dictionary

Extremely Stable Genius. Self-descriptive term used by individuals suffering from severe mental defects, such as those caused by for example third stage (neuro)syphilis. Urban Dictionary

Electronically Spitting Game to females Urban Dictionary

An acronym used to represent South Central's very own "Eastside's Greatest". Urban Dictionary

EASTSIDE GANGSTERS "A Clique originally formed in OKC" is the the BACC GROUND of rapper ESG Hattian Urban Dictionary

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If you'd rather tell me privately, you may email me at esg[at]fsu[dot]edu ❋ Unknown (2009)

He had one beat where he was just scratching over some crazy flip of the esg sample that was so off the chain I couldnt believe it. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[We need] to employ more [blacks] and [gays] to improve our ESG scord ❋ Owen Jones Will Save Humanity (2023)

For those greedy selfish [interested parties] who would never consider donating a dime for a positive benefit, there is always ESG [investing], where profiteers can make a positive contribution, create new jobs without getting all [pinko]. ❋ Mlhiss (2020)

[lindsay] has ESG ❋ Yasdnil (2008)

[Pumps] iron at the gym. Posts new Instagram picture with [hashtag] #[esg] ❋ Eat Sleep Gym (2017)

When it was pointed out to the President that [Kim Jong-Un] was getting all the benefits of their meetings and that he had [nothing to show] for it he turned an orange hue of red while [stammering] ‘I’m the ESG, nobody is as ESG as me!!!’ ❋ KKGF (2019)

I going to go [get on] the [computer] [and do] some ESGing. ❋ Doggystyle3 (2010)

Aye bro you seen that new ESG hoodie they just dropped? [Yea that] [shit go] stupid they [sold out] already though ❋ Esbabyjd (2022)

on [esg] niccas is pkussy [asf] otssk nobkody [fw] us hkood ❋ Hattian Boutabag (2022)

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