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Actor on tv's "American Dreams". Very sexy. used to describe something sexy.  Urban Dictionary

Everyone Stands Together. Popularized by rap artist Machine Gun Kelly.  Urban Dictionary

EST e ess tee is the written out pronunciation of the acronym EST, which stands for Exhibit Superior Thoughts.  Urban Dictionary

E ess tee is the written out pronunciation of the acronym EST, which stands for Exhibit Superior Thoughts.  Urban Dictionary

EST was the MC in the '90's Hip Hop group "Three Times Dope". The group gained stardom with the release of classics like: The Greatest Man Alive, Funky Dividends, Mellow But Smooth, etc.  Urban Dictionary

Short for establish... like when a relationship starts  Urban Dictionary

Eastern Standard Time. -5 hours from Greenwich time.  Urban Dictionary

Self proclaimed stud. See also; "Sex God" "Lady-Pleaser"  Urban Dictionary

Clan of pimps known for their cocktual prowess. They are hung like donkeys and they fuck like lumberjacks. The best known Estes is John Curtis Estes aka "John Holmes". Many a bitch been fucked by an Estes and they all tell their friends.  Urban Dictionary

EST stands for Estimated Shit Time. It is the time it takes to take a shit.  Urban Dictionary

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[Did you] see that [new guy] on [TV]? Very Will Estes. ❋ H (2005)

And I'm still [laced up], tell the world that's nothing changed. Till it's hundred dollar bills in my pocket, then nothings changed. If my teammate with me, then I don't wanna thang. Tell them I'll go broke before I run out [on my game]. EST over [everythang]. ❋ Devofell (2012)

We [shouted] EST in the [Cle]/[Burgh]! ❋ SipishThom (2020)

“We [shouted] EST!” ❋ SipishThom (2020)

Guy: Man, [Three Times] Dope was one of the most underrated groups ever! [Hip Hop] [Historian]: Yeah, that EST had some unique flow, yo! ❋ Knowlege Doctor (2008)

[helen] [and simon] est [on 10].3.04 ❋ N0mis (2005)

[Bill] [says] to call [Jill] at 9PM EST. ❋ D168 (2006)

Estes gets [testy] when you [talk about] him being [arrogant]. ❋ ChuckelZ (2003)

All [the girls] wanted [to fuck] him cause they [knew] he was an Estes. ❋ Estes (2011)

Tim "[Brb] [I gotta take a shit]" Bob "What's your EST" Tim "Well I had Taco Bell so at least [10 minutes]" Bob "Good Luck" ❋ MrlRiot (2014)

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