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Person living or originating from Europe

Person who resides within the European Union

1) "euro" - single european currency used by all members of the european union except UK, denmark, sweden since 01/01/2002. 2) 1 euro = 1.3-something $  Urban Dictionary

Common european currency used since 01/01/2002, its value is exactly equal to 1000 lire. Italian and European politicians keep saying that 1 euro equals 1936.27 lire, but nobody believes them.  Urban Dictionary

Common currency of the eurozone, a currency union of 17 out of the 27 states of the European Union. Currency sign is €. As of submission, €1 = approximately $1.50 PROS: Trade and import-export transactions within Europe and with other nations is much easier. No more national currencies in the eurozone saves quite a bit of money for consumers and travelers, as well as businesses which engage in a high degree of cross-border business. The pooled European capital of the euro currency has created a strong world reserve currency that could not have been achieved with the previous national currencies. CONS: German (and to a lesser extent French) taxpayers find themselves perpetually bailing out countries with dysfunctional economies. See Greek Debt Crisis. Not all nations in the Eurozone are equally wealthy or in a position to maintain healthy debt-to-GDP ratios over long periods. The interest rates set by the ECB are often favorable for wealthier eurozone countries but not for poorer ones. While some less-wealthy countries can't survive without a default, other less-wealthy countries muddle along with unhealthy but sort of manageable debt levels. The euro is not necessarily good for these countries, as they can't periodically devalue currency to improve their trade. Then again, their ability to trade without the losses of currency conversion highlights the benefits of a common currency.  Urban Dictionary

Anywhere between $1 and $1.70, depending on investors' temperament. (As of May 27, 2012, it was about $1.25 USD, which is unusually low.)  Urban Dictionary

Money of the Europeans since the use of different country currencies were too much of a hassle to change. Also refered to as "Stupid Play Money" By Vincent Margera(Viva La Bam) and is usually found in Monoply boxs and comes in colors ranging from White, pink, green, orange, yellow and blue.  Urban Dictionary

A term frequently used to describe a European girls genitalia, mostly used in the south east of England  Urban Dictionary

Speed based pills/dids  Urban Dictionary

Currency in use in the greater part of the European Union since January 2nd, 2002. Adopted on that date by a core group of twelve countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Finland, Austria, Italy and Greece. The Euro has been adopted more recently by Slovenia, and subsequently (and jointly) by Malta and Cyprus. It is therefore a single currency for some 317 million Europeans, or more than the total population of the United States. Slovakia is set to adopt the Euro at the start of 2009, followed by Lithuania a year later and Estonia at the start of 2011, with other mainly eastern European states following not too long afterwards. Coins in the currency are marked on one side with a representation of Europe (or the globe on copper coins) and on the obverse with a national design that varies between countries and often between denominations within a country; all versions are of course legal tender within the Euro zone. 1, 2 and 5 cent coins are of copper plated steel. 10, 20 and 50 cent coins are of an alloy known as Nordic Gold for its colour but in fact are gold free. 1 Euro coins have are two-toned, with a cupronickel centre and a surrounding nickel brass ring, a design reversed on the 2 Euro coin. Bank notes are standardised across the Euro zone and feature representations of different styles of windows and bridges symbolic of the openness of the unifying European culture, with more modern architectural styles represented on higher denomination notes. The Euro started off within a cent of parity with the US dollar; the exchange rate at the time of writing is approaching one Euro to one US dollar and fifty cents. Various countries in the Far East have expressed a preference for the Euro over the dollar as a unit of international currency.  Urban Dictionary

Currency that came into affect within the 11 eurozone countries in January 1999. Coins and notes were introduced into circulation in 2002. The European Central Bank (ECB) regulates the monetary policies of the Economic and Monetary Union. Benefits of the euro include reduced transaction costs, reduced uncertainty and risk due to price transparency and merger activity. The main cost is the cost of converting (price signs, tills, vending machines etc)However, this is only short term and if countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia think they can afford it then the UK can.  Urban Dictionary

1. someone from or living in a european country 2. european  Urban Dictionary

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Mr. Goodhart points out that the term euro bond is used loosely and could describe many different operations. ❋ Stephen Fidler (2011)

In a letter to the Dutch EU presidency, the Lithuanian government insisted: "The non-inflective form of the term euro is unacceptable to the Lithuanian language." ❋ Unknown (2004)

For most of his term the euro has been a strong currency, at times reaching $1.60. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Bundchen said: "The story of the euro is a lie," she told the Brazilian newspaper O Globo in comments published Wednesday. ❋ Unknown (2008)

We asked one bookseller why prices were so high and he cited import costs and volume … cost the about the same to ship 1000 books as 5000, and have to spread that cost over fewer purchasers … also a lot of books come from the UK and the euro is almost 2.5 tmes higher than the kiwi. ❋ Unknown (2008)

A rather unintelligent fairy tale. 90% of euros in Germany ARE German euros, and the euro is the euro whether Juan Carlos I is on it or not. ❋ Unknown (2008)

"It just can't be that the euro is as good as the dollar." ❋ Unknown (2001)

I'm not saying the euro is a cure-all but certainly it is constructive for the equity markets in the euro zone in our opinion. ❋ Unknown (1999)

The introduction of the euro is therefore a major opportunity for London. ❋ Unknown (1998)

"The euro is finding it hard to get above $1.40 convincingly … a weaker euro will mean a weaker oil market." ❋ Lananh Nguyen (2010)

The Association of German Exporters and Wholesalers, or BGA, said earlier Tuesday that it expects exports to rise by a nominal 16% this year, but warned that the stronger euro is "already beginning to considerably burden our exports into the dollar area, although it eases the burden on the import bill." ❋ Geoffrey T. Smith (2010)

The report comes after rival Nokia Siemens Networks, a joint venture between Nokia Corp. and Siemens AG, Thursday posted a narrower third-quarter operating loss but said it expects a flat network gear market in euro terms in 2010 compared with the previous year. ❋ Gustav Sandstrom (2010)

The euro is $1.40 one day, and $1.20 a few weeks before, and it went up to $1.60 not so long ago. ❋ Unknown (2010)

ATHENS — The massive emergency fund assembled to defend the value of the euro is backed by a political gamble with an uncertain outcome: that European governments will rewrite a post-World War II social contract that has been generous to workers and retirees but has become increasingly unaffordable for an aging population. ❋ Unknown (2010)

With a defined procedure for default within the euro zone, the EU might be able to convince other prospective Greeces that national bankruptcy within the euro is actually possible. ❋ Unknown (2010)

He called the euro zone's policy response to the crisis "hesitant" and "piecemeal." ❋ Geoffrey T. Smith (2011)

By mid-morning in Europe, there were some first indications of the SNB's action pushing short-term euro interest rates lower. ❋ Geoffrey T. Smith (2011)

Krugman was against the euro from the start (at the time, he was a neoliberal in good standing) and has been waiting for a crisis for 10 years. ❋ Unknown (2010)

PARIS—BNP Paribas SA moved to quell market and client concerns about its financial position because of the euro-zone crisis, saying it has substantial short-term euro funding and an excess of short-term dollar liquidity. ❋ Digby Larner (2011)

Bloomberg News The French bank said it has substantial short-term euro funding and an excess of short-term dollar liquidity. ❋ Digby Larner (2011)

"[dollars]? [come on], how much is that in real [money]?" ❋ Juanito Perez (2004)

I used to pay 30000 [lire] to eat at the restaurant until [2001], now I always spend [30 euro]! ❋ Devil Master (2004)

My recent hostel stay in Italy cost €[830] for three weeks. [Good deal] for an American? How about $1200. Damn you, [Mr. Monopoly] Man and your happy colored euro bills! ❋ Istherelifeonmars (2011)

Q: Got a seven dollar bill? A: No, but I have a five euro bill. Q: [Hmmmmm]... OK, [close enough]. Q: But the [Grexit] forced the thing below six dollars! A: that's capitalism and money for you :-p ❋ Rickyrab (2012)

Bam Margera: "[You owe me One] Hundread dollars!" [Don Vito]: "Fine! hablafijja mujja, takes 'yer stupid [play money]!" ❋ Roujine (2005)

now [i'll tell] you what i'll [smash], what i'll really, really smash, so tell me what you'll smash what you'll really, really smash, [SMASH] YOUR BODY DOWN AND [EURO] ALL AROUND ❋ Smashitintheeuro (2011)

I was [well fucked] off them [Euros] [last night] ❋ Smalice (2007)

This [lager] costs five Euro and is [way too] [expensive]. ❋ Fearman (2008)

Jimmy - "Man I sure wish the British public would come to their senses and realise that in the long term the UK should join the [euro] and [stop living] in the past. It's just because they're too thick to understand the value of the euro and wouldn't be able to cope with losing their precious pounds" Billy - "Yea [woteva] man lets go play computer games" ❋ Samstorm (2005)

That [euro] [beat] is most [annoying] music ever. ❋ Light Joker (2006)

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