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Definitions of "evacuated"

  • Having had population removed, by evacuation. adjective
  • Containing a vacuum. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of evacuate. verb
  • p. p. of evacuate. adjective
  • emptied of gas by being pumped out or having a vacuum created. adjective

The word "evacuated" in example sentences

Most residents have been evacuated from the area, and there were no immediate reports of casualties from the latest blast.. [Indonesia Volcano Hinders Aid Work]

Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images Despite the risk and warnings from officials, thousands of people who had been evacuated from the danger zone rushed back Sunday morning, piling into trucks, cars and on the backs of motorcycles to check on their livestock high up on the scorched slopes.. [Mount Merapi Spews More Ash]

Dozens of people were evacuated from the building, which is about halfway between 14th and 15th streets Northwest.. [Two injured in apartment fire at 14th St., R.I. Ave.]

Spears really did build a machine that he claimed filled up with a spiritual essence evacuated from the womb of his devoted compatriot, a lady never named in any source I could find.. [Chris Adrian discusses his first novel, Gob's Grief.]

Rescue efforts in the remote indigenous village continued on Wednesday, as scores of residents were evacuated from the rain-drenched area.. [Mexico Revises Casualties From Tuesday's Massive Landslide]

It landed on the floor after it hit the screen, but the AA batteries were worse for the wear as they had been evacuated from the remote mid air.. [Kari Gremore: An All-American Tea Party]

Skeptics will claim that a basic agreement in principle on which settlements are going to stay in Israel and which are going to be evacuated, is not possible in 60 days.. [Steven L. Spiegel: The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: How to Turn the Current Mess Into a Success]

Mr. Edano, 47 years old, succeeds Yoshio Hachiro, who quit Saturday only eight days into the job, after he referred to the evacuated areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant as "a town of death" and allegedly joked about radiation with reporters.. [Noda Scrambles to Fill Minister Post]

Since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began, about 175 troops with catastrophic head injuries have been evacuated from the war zones only to die later of their wounds, says Army Col. Brian Eastridge, director of the Joint Theater Trauma System.. [Military ruling offers 'closure' for family of brain-dead troops]

"All the legislators are alive, evacuated from the parliament and safe," Interfax quoted Mr. Kadyrov as saying.. [Militants Attack Chechen Parliament]

No casualties were reported, but nearly 100 elephants were evacuated from a popular tourist attraction north of the capital.. [Super Typhoon Strikes The Philippines]

This event was preceded by thousands of earthquakes in the two months before the volcano blew its top; some of these prompted the Governor of Washington to declare a state of emergency and many residents were evacuated from a designated danger zone.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Case for Volcano Monitoring]

Those scoops can't discriminate between water and fish, so a large population might have been evacuated from the river.. [Is Drought Still Effecting Your Fishing?]

A SWAT team detained the suspect as he was evacuated from the aircraft along with the other passengers.. [Pakistani Jet Evacuation: Plane Bomb Suspect Released In Sweden]

EW never stated that Russ was evacuated from the game (even tho that spoiler IS out) so why are you guys blaming EW when you should be blaming CBS for spoiling both Survivor and TAR with their crappy previews in the first place.. [Exclusive 'Survivor' scoop on Jeff Probst's 'scariest moment I've ever had on the show' | EW.com]

She was evacuated from the Vietnamese church in New Orleans and she was safe at -- she went to safety grounds.. [CNN Transcript Sep 5, 2005]

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@Gerrrty: #GiletsJaunes The moment a 71 year old woman was injured in #Nice by a charge by the #CRS in Piazza Garibaldi. She was evacuat…


On March 23, 1942, the first Japanese-Americans evacuated by the U.S. Army during World War II arrived at the inter…


@thirteenlalala: 米中西部を襲った強大な低気圧による大雨と雪解け水によりミズーリ川では少なくとも12の堤防が決壊し記録的な洪水が拡大している。ネブラスカ、カンザスなど何千人もの人々が避難中だが洪水は5月まで続く見通し。この通り水没してしまった町に唖然。 h…


@Gerrrty: #GiletsJaunes The moment a 71 year old woman was injured in #Nice by a charge by the #CRS in Piazza Garibaldi. She was evacuat…


@GovMikeHuckabee @realDonaldTrump With all of the hot air being evacuated in the last two years in California alone…

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Evacuated Word Data

  • PronunciationsIH0 V AE1 K Y AH0 W EY2 T IH0 D
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation evacuated


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