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Definitions of "events"

  • Plural form of event. noun

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It is not events in our lives that are stressful, but what we THINK about those events… something like that.. [General Update - Newsworthy stuff here!]

[24] In his _Retired Man's Meditations_ he speaks of "Christ's rule in the legal conscience" and "Christ's rule in the evangelical conscience," by which he means to contrast a religion founded on external performances or historical events, and a religion founded on _events transacted in the soul of the man himself_.. [Spiritual Reformers in the 16th & 17th Centuries]

CheekiThaSinger "Ive witnessed events so tiny and so fast that they could be said to have hardly happened at all" krisschantz Shout out to @FITC ... and I nominate @FITC for a Shorty Award in #events because ... they really care about creating awesome experiences! babygiraffemom Rough turn of events.. [Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7]

Instead of points in space and times of occurrence, we formalize the term events, that is, points in the four dimensions of space and time.. [Euclid’s Window]

Is this the best approach for the novelist (or reader) interested in events from the past as subjects for fiction?. [Historical Fiction]

Gamers will participate in events from the Left Behind book series in single player mode and battle to capture territory from other players in the multi-player online game mode.. [Boing Boing: June 26, 2005 - July 2, 2005 Archives]

An American humourist has said, 'Never prophesy unless you know,' and many a writer on Roumania must wish that he had refrained from dealing with probabilities, or from prognosticating the coining events of history.. [Roumania Past and Present]

For over 30 years, Banner Elk, North Carolina, has held a wooly worm festival, where one of the events is a race to see which worm will be this winter's Nostradamus.. [Whither The Winter, What Says The Wooly Worm?]

Even on smaller issues, the "authorities" often turn out to be the last to know what is actually going on, especially now that we all use the real-time web to share what we know as events unfold.. [Micah Sifry: EXCLUSIVE: Wikileaks, Assange, And Why There's No Turning Back]

I believe the compelling "little signal" in the business world is what has changed and it is generated by the detection of what I call events, which are patterns, connections and anomalies of interest to business decision-makers.. [Penny Herscher: The Latest Web Search Development: From Intentions to Insights]

The inherent irony of the events is the only judgment that he passes.. [The Nobel Prize in Literature 2006 - Presentation Speech]

The first difficulty for scholars attempting to study the events is the problematic nature of the sources.. [A Tender Age: Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries]

But let me now remember and write these what we call events, but which are not events as much as a new thought or a happy feeling.. [Diary, August 8, 1859-May 15, 1865.]

When a user types in a place name, or a musical gig, followed by the word "events", a timetable of events will now be offered.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

"When you allow short term events to impact your decision making, it very rarely is successful," says Michael Skinner, a vice president and head of client experience for T.. []

Storms and natural disasters are prime examples of civic moments, which I define as events that bring nearly everyone together in a shared experience, or even a shared reality.. [Crosscut]

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Idle Heroes (O) - New Events Finally! - Heroic Summon and Altar Exchange
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Neil Patrick Harris Got A Series of Unfortunate Events Tattoo

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