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Every Urban Dictionary

Inclusive of all parties. That's right: a party hoar. Urban Dictionary

A Caucasian man typically wearing a short sleeved shirt and shorts. More specifically, wearing a polo shirt, khaki or navy blue shorts just above the knee, a brown woven belt, and boat shoes with no socks. Urban Dictionary

To love more than anyone ever thought was possible. The sky is no longer the limit; there is none. Urban Dictionary

Every me and every you is a fanfic where spencer Reid and y/n get into bdsm. You can find this fanfiction on Wattpad. Urban Dictionary

The most overused redundancy. Every already means single. It would be wrong to say, "every single person" and not mean only persons that are not married. Urban Dictionary

Person or thing every second or alternate person or thing. Urban Dictionary

Tess Everis is a vendor in Destiny 2 and she keeps fucking making me empty my wallet for an ornament STOP TAKING MY MONEY BUNGIE YOU LEFT ACTIVISION ALREADY Urban Dictionary

One of the best bands in the world, formed in 2005, signed to Fearless Records in 2007. AKA Every Av Lead: David Schautzman (wrong sp, ik) Guitarists: Josh Randall, Bass: Matt Drums: Dennis Urban Dictionary

Everyday I try to find reasons for what happened between us... I don't understand... Urban Dictionary

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I dreamt I was at a huge convention, but every pro writer bailed except for me and Catherine Asaro, and we were forced to do _every_ panel. ❋ Scottedelman (2010)

It's coming out of every rock, every drop of rain, every flower, every particle of air, every  stitch of clothing, every cell of skin, every bead upon our silly heads. ❋ Unknown (2010)

By every place, we really mean *every* place — there are Place Pages for businesses, points of interest, transit stations, neighborhoods, landmarks and cities all over the world. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I recently did a patent investigation and we had to mark every single configuration setting it was a wireless comm application and note _every_ deviation in the setup from what would otherwise be considered the norm. ❋ Unknown (2007)

What was is thatThomas Jefferson said..every 50 years there should be a….hhmmmm..cant seem to remember the rest ..oh yeah every 50 year there should be a rev******CENSORED****** ❋ Unknown (2006)

It works out to one cupcake every two or three weeks, assuming *every* mother brings in cupcakes which is of course not the case. ❋ Ann Althouse (2006)

_I've_ been wondering, why is the Army spending all its resources to gather up not just every last piece of eetee salvage, but nearly _every person_ who's worked with it? ❋ Unknown (2004)

Did the prohibition against every contract or combination mean precisely _every_ contract, whether important or not? ❋ Charles Ramsdell Lingley (N/A)

This unlawful interference was continued in every important stage in the history of the territory; _every election_ was controlled, not by the actual settlers, but by the citizens of ❋ John Sherman (N/A)

C. _ Ay, so _you_ say; but every body else says you know _every thing_; and I have come all the way from Boston to consult you; for you must know I have met with a dreadful loss. ❋ Charles W. Sanders (N/A)

The little band of intimates were to write to each other every week; still to tell each other _every single_ secret; to think of each other every night; to be each other's bridesmaids as long as there were maids to go round, and to visit each other in their married homes. ❋ Lilian Turner (N/A)

"A hungry man is an angry one;" so runs the legend, but, if true, and I have every reason to believe that it is, it held not on the lower deck of the "Iron Duke" this day, for _no_ man was angry, and _every_ man ❋ J. J. Smith (N/A)

Nearly every white private and non-commissioned officer was expecting the lightning to strike him; _every_ one expected to be promoted to be a commissioned officer, and, therefore, had no prejudice against the men they hoped to command as their _superior_ officers. ❋ George Washington Williams (N/A)

I would give every traveling man, every business man, _every man_ this same advice. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

I think it would be better to do away with all such qualifying expressions, and constantly maintain (what I certainly believe to be the fact) that _variations of every kind_ are _always occurring_ in _every part_ of _every species_, and therefore that favourable variations are _always ready_ when wanted. ❋ James Marchant (N/A)

And it is a truth which ought to press with overwhelming force upon the mind of every sober man, that a portion of this guilt rests upon _every one_ who, with a knowledge of facts, continues the _totally unnecessary and awfully pernicious practice of taking ardent spirits_. ❋ American Tract Society (N/A)

Men out of every nation heard them speak on the day of Pentecost, _every man in his own tongue_! ❋ Andrew Lee (N/A)

A correspondent writing by the last mail says: 'The people of this section of the country feel _made of gold_, and every thing here is, of course, going at full cry -- _every planter wants to open more land and buy more negroes_.' ❋ E. N. [Editor] Elliott (N/A)

every ❋ (2020)

"[Every] [PH] [has it's] place." ❋ Alex Quantashassle (2005)

He’s [kinda] cute but that every has no [edge] [whatsoever]. ❋ King Veneer (2018)

Every could only describe [my feelings] [for you]. ❋ MGoscinski (2010)

Have you [read] every me and every you [yet]? ❋ Peachygubler (2020)

I [exercise] every single [day]. ❋ Aynaku (2019)

" [The magician] turned [every other] card over. [Every other] table had an [ashtray] on it." ❋ LIsa LlLUI (2017)

Tess Everis aka eververse is selling that pink [ornament] for malfeasense again its only 1.[250] bright dust also 3.250 bright dust for an [emote] ❋ Morbinmogus (2022)

Did you go to the Every Avenue concert?! Hellyea, saw [spark] to the [rescue] and all time low too! Best [bands] ever man. ❋ Pseudonym2345 (2010)

Every day I write something for you and then I [change my mind] once [I see] it and then I [delete it]... ❋ 721_831 (2023)

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