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Definitions of "evidence"

  • A thing or things helpful in forming a conclusion or judgment: The broken window was evidence that a burglary had taken place. Scientists weigh the evidence for and against a hypothesis. noun
  • Something indicative; an outward sign: evidence of grief on a mourner's face. noun
  • Law The documentary or oral statements and the material objects admissible as testimony in a court of law. noun
  • To indicate clearly; exemplify or prove. verb-transitive
  • To support by testimony; attest. verb-transitive
  • in evidence Plainly visible; to be seen: It was early, and few pedestrians were in evidence on the city streets. idiom
  • in evidence Law As legal evidence: submitted the photograph in evidence. idiom
  • Facts or observations presented in support of an assertion. noun
  • Anything admitted by a court to prove or disprove alleged matters of fact in a trial. noun
  • To provide evidence for, or suggest the truth of. verb
  • That which makes evident or manifest; that which furnishes, or tends to furnish, proof; any mode of proof; the ground of belief or judgement noun
  • One who bears witness. noun
  • That which is legally submitted to competent tribunal, as a means of ascertaining the truth of any alleged matter of fact under investigation before it; means of making proof; -- the latter, strictly speaking, not being synonymous with evidence, but rather the effect of it. noun
  • To render evident or clear; to prove; to evince. verb-transitive
  • To make evident or clear; show clearly; prove.
  • To attest or support by evidence or testimony; witness.
  • The state of being evident, clear, or plain, and not liable to doubt or question; evidentness; clearness; plainness; certitude. See mediate and immediate evidence, etc., below. noun
  • The means by which the existence or non-existence or the truth or falsehood of an alleged fact is ascertained or made evident; testimony; witness; hence, more generally, the facts upon which reasoning from effect to cause is based; that which makes evident or plain; the experiential premises of a proof. noun
  • Specifically, in law: A deed; an instrument or document by which a fact is made evident: as, evidences of title (that is, title-deeds); evidences of debt (that is, written obligations to pay money). noun

The word "evidence" in example sentences

And the accumulation of evidence –not just your and my anecdotal evidence– suggests that this is true.. [Message to a Conservative Christian About the Homosexual Morality Issue]

But  remember now, there is some hair evidence and there's some fiber evidence  in some of these cases.. [TEDBUNDY]

If there are any who imagine, that positive and direct evidence is absolutely necessary to conviction, they are much mistaken; it is a mistake, I believe, very common with those who commit offences: they fancy that they are secure because they are not seen at the moment; but you may prove their guilt as conclusively, perhaps even more satisfactorily, by _circumstantial evidence_, as by any _direct evidence_ that can possibly be given.. [The Trial of Charles Random de Berenger, Sir Thomas Cochrane, commonly called Lord Cochrane, the Hon. Andrew Cochrane Johnstone, Richard Gathorne Butt, Ralph Sandom, Alexander M'Rae, John Peter Holloway, and Henry Lyte for A Conspiracy In the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall, on Wednesday the 8th, and Thursday the 9th of June, 1814]

To this linguistic evidence of authenticity we can add _archaeological evidence_.. [The Books of the New Testament]

ID has no evidence, and no hypotheses that might generate evidence*.. [California Literary Review]

• In the absence of alternative authoritative information or evidence, the document provides ´decisive evidence´ to verify or refute opposing claims.. []

_evidence_, and _mere evidence_, and a judge has no power whatever to deal with evidence.. [An Account of the Proceedings on the Trial of Susan B. Anthony, on the Charge of Illegal Voting]

We believe these Rules are violated whenever an attorney 'friends' an individual under false pretenses to obtain evidence from a social networking website.. [Bill Singer: Danger: Legal Sharks Circle Online Posters]

The lack of any official status in evidence is such that I expect to see a raggedy Kevin Costner sticking letters in the box soon.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Public Sector Unions]

What we can say, grounded firmly in evidence, is that without a Lincoln victory in November 1860, war would not have broken out exactly when and how it did.. [Chandra Manning: What if Lincoln lost the election?]

For others, if you google the term evidence based medicine, you will see many interesting articles, much of it focusing on review articles.. [U.S. Climate Change Science Program Workshop « Climate Audit]

Note that Chapman uses the term evidence OR logic, not evidence AND logic.. [There "They" go again! - The Panda's Thumb]

“The Romulans are hailing us,” the Klingon reported, his expression evidence of his own heartfelt frustration.. [CROSSOVER]

The fact that a view or inspection has been made does not preclude the introduction in evidence of photographs or diagrams of articles or objects viewed, nor of maps or sketches of the premises or place viewed, if such evidence is otherwise admissible.. [EXECUTIVE ORDER 10214]

The government gets the benefit of the new rule and the evidence is admitted.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The Good Faith Exception and Changing Law: Misunderstanding “Good Faith”]

The combination of the two cases raises a question: Should the exclusionary rule apply for the many violations that occurred before Gant was handed down, or does the good faith exception apply so the evidence is admitted?. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The Good Faith Exception and Changing Law: Misunderstanding “Good Faith”]

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