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Exaggeration is a representation of something in an excessive manner. The exaggerator has been a familiar figure in Western culture since at least Aristotle's discussion of the alazon: 'the boaster is regarded as one who pretends to have distinguished qualities which he possesses either not at all or to a lesser degree than he pretends...exaggerating'.It is the opposite of minimisation. Words or expressions associated with exaggeration include:.

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Definitions of "exaggerated"

  • That has been described as greater than it actually is; abnormally increased or enlarged. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of exaggerate. verb
  • Enlarged beyond bounds or the truth. adjective
  • In zoology, larger, more conspicuous, or more positive than that which is normal; specifically, in entomology, of deeper color: as, a species with exaggerated characters; exaggerated marks, spines, processes, etc.; a dark band exaggerated in the center.
  • represented as greater than is true or reasonable adjective
  • enlarged to an abnormal degree adjective

The word "exaggerated" in example sentences

Brotherhood spokesman Essam El-Erian dispels what he calls an exaggerated fear of an Islamist "take over.". [Could Muslim Brotherhood Take Over Egypt?]

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal that ran the day he retired, Mr. Smith expressed frustration at what he described as exaggerated portrayals.. [GM Chief Tried to Transform Auto Maker]

Rumsfeld blamed that perception on what he called exaggerated accounts of violence by U.S. and Arabic media outlets, which he did not name, but which he said reported inflated numbers of Iraqi deaths and attacks on mosques.. [CNN Transcript Mar 7, 2006]

While some of Germany's neighbors, like nuclear-dependent France, home to the giant contractor Areva, criticize Mrs. Merkel for what they call an exaggerated, knee-jerk reaction, Germans seem determined to move toward a postnuclear economy - even though they acknowledge the switch will be expensive.. [NYT > Global Home]

"As far as I have heard, the passengers, crew and authorities all acted calmly and appropriately," said Ian S. Lustick, a political scientist at the University of Pennsylvania and author of "Trapped in the War on Terror," a 2006 book that criticized what he called the exaggerated response to terrorism.. [post-gazette.com - News]

University of Pennsylvania and author of "Trapped in the War on Terror," a 2006 book that criticized what he called the exaggerated response to terrorism.. [NYT > Home Page]

Hess is hitting back at Save the Bay, with Hess LNG chief executive R. Gordon Shearer last week firing off a letter to the group disputing what he called exaggerated, misleading and inflammatory rhetoric.. [Home - BostonHerald.com]

Do I perhaps sound over the top and indulging in exaggerated rhetoric?. [California Reality, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Angel turned to Zora with an expression of exaggerated innocence.. [Substitute Me]

Emmeline shook her head, adopting an expression of exaggerated concern.. [Kate Morton Ebook Collection]

Tevye must to some degree be an everyman, albeit in exaggerated, crowd-pleasing form.. [January 2005]

Spurlock makes a strong case, showing in exaggerated fashion how these foods changed his body and the mood swings they put him through.. [Have It Your Way]

Cruel built himself and made so ugly with harsh brown stucco ornament that it set your teeth on edge, and with gigantic frescos exaggerated from the Italian, and very coarse and rank.. [Familiar Spanish Travels]

Mr. Smith, speaking in exaggerated Southern black dialect, seems to have strolled out of the last five minutes of Spike. [PopPolitics Weblog | PopPolitics.com]

The smile faded, and Mr. Pudd's mouth assumed an expression of exaggerated sorrow.. [The Killing Kind]

The Alpine countries were competing fiercely for skiing tourists, and this competition was reflected in exaggerated claims for the virtues of the national ski schools.. [Downhill Racing]

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  • PronunciationsIH0 G Z AE1 JH ER0 EY2 T AH0 D
  • Character11
  • Hyphenation ex ag ger a ted


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