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Exalted is a role-playing game published by White Wolf Publishing. The game is classified as high fantasy and it was inspired by a mixture of world mythologies as well as Japanese Anime. The game is currently in its third edition. First Edition was originally created by Robert Hatch, Justin Achilli and Stephan Wieck. The original core rulebook was published in July 2001..

What does the word exalted mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word exalted in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with exalted and anagrams of exalted.

Definitions of "exalted"

  • Elevated in rank, character, or status. adjective
  • Lofty; sublime; noble: an exalted dedication to liberty. adjective
  • Exaggerated; inflated: He has an exalted sense of his importance to the project. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of exalt. verb
  • Praised, or honored. adjective
  • Noble, sublime; heavenly. adjective
  • Elated; blissful. adjective
  • Raised to lofty height; elevated; extolled; refined; dignified; sublime. adjective
  • Raised to a height; elevated highly; dignified; sublime; lofty.
  • of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style adjective

The word "exalted" in example sentences

Mostly Shaharrazad is trying to gain "exalted" status with Orgrimmar and the Darkspear trolls.. ["I saw everywhere I'd been and want to go to..."]

Merja women were described as exalted and beautiful, of mythical personal strength, so much so that if a Merjan village was attacked, the women made themselves drown in the river with their jewels and children, in order not to be subjected to robbery or despoiling.. [E. Nina Rothe: Aleksei Fedorchenko's Silent Souls: Connecting Tenderness, Nostalgia and Love]

He was knighted, and began to move in exalted social circles, hobnobbing with the grand and wealthy (Prince Metternich was a particular favourite), and writing long, excited letters to Wolff about it all.. [Thomas Lawrence: The new romantic – review]

But if, to a certain extent, her name exalted the class of people, as little aristocratic as possible, whom she entertained, by an inverse process, the class of people whom the. [The Sweet Cheat Gone]

Riker looked at him and saw that he wore an expression of exalted surprise on his face.. [Infiltrator]

As for me, O my lady, Allah (be His name exalted!) preserved my life that I might suffer whatso He willed to me of hardship, misfortune, and calamity, for I scrambled upon a plank from one of the ships and the wind and waters threw it at the feet of the mountain.. [Tehran Winter]

This lies in their eye, in their design, -- how God may be glorified by them, his name exalted, his interest promoted; this way the bent of their minds and spirits tends.. [The Sermons of John Owen]

Ergo, Leo, when you deem, in exalted moods, that you are at the summit of existence, in truth you are thrilling, vibrating, dancing a mad orgy of the senses and not knowing a step of the dance or the meaning of the orgy.. [The Little Lady of the Big House, by Jack London]

The house, thus considered, tends to assume in its evolution a significance more exalted than even the English word "home" expresses.. [The Montessori Method]

This ecstatic state, though exalted, is not the highest: for Jesus Christ was never in it, nor Moses.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

Job repeats what he said (Job 21: 13), that sinners die in exalted positions, not the painful and lingering death we might expect, but a quick and easy death.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

François had gone to bed full of dreams of ambition, which the events of the evening had nourished; he had heard his name exalted, and the king's abused.. [Chicot the Jester]

Membership in the white supremacist group, in which Brewer was known as "exalted cyclops," was necessary in prison to ward off attacks from black inmates, Brewer said.. [SFGate: Don Asmussen: Bad Reporter]

The story of a fair and virtuous maiden, exalted from a private condition to the Imperial throne, might be deemed an incredible romance, if such a romance had not been verified in the marriage of. [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

(be His name exalted!) preserved my life that I might suffer whatso He willed to me of hardship, misfortune and~calamity; for. [Arabian nights. English]

43 Mania is characterized by an exalted or irritable mood, more and faster speech, rapid thought, brisker physical and mental activity levels, quickened and more finely tuned senses, suspiciousness, a marked tendency to seek out other people, and impulsiveness.. [Touched with Fire]

Exalted Translates

TurkishExalted English to Turkish Translate
(s.) yüceltilmiş, yükseltilmiş; yüksek, ulu, yüce, büyük; asil, soylu, haşmetli.(s.) yüceltilmiş, yükseltilmiş; yüksek, ulu, yüce, büyük; asil, soylu, haşmetli.

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Exalted Word Data

  • Pronunciations(ĭg-zôlˈtĭd)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation ex alt ed


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