Definitions of "Execrate"

To declare to be hateful or abhorrent; denounce. transitive verb

To feel loathing for; abhor. transitive verb

To invoke a curse on. transitive verb

To curse; imprecate evil upon; hence, to detest utterly; abhor; abominate.

To declare to be accursed; denounce as deserving to be cursed or abominated.

Synonyms See comparison under malediction.

To denounce evil against, or to imprecate evil upon; to curse; to protest against as unholy or detestable; hence, to detest utterly; to abhor; to abominate. transitive verb

To feel loathing for; abhor. verb

To declare to be hateful or abhorrent; denounce. verb

To invoke a curse. verb

Find repugnant verb

Curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment verb

feel or express great loathing for.

curse; swear.

The word "execrate" in example sentences

How to use execrate in a sentence? Example sentences with the execrate, a sentence example for execrate, and how to make execrate in sample sentence, how do I use the word execrate in a sentence? How do you spell execrate in a sentence? spelling of execrate.

I abhor psalm-singers, I hate priors, I execrate heretics, but I should detest yet more any one who should maintain the contrary. Les Miserables

At the same time, they mutually execrate their masters when viewed separately. Some excerpts on slavery and liberty, real and illusory | Jewschool

PHILOSOPHERS conceive of the passions which harass us as vices into which men fall by their own fault, and, therefore, generally deride, bewail, or blame them, or execrate them, if they wish to seem unusually pious. A Political Treatise

What a helpless state, where a man can only execrate himself and others; the occasion of his rage remaining; the evil increasing upon reflection; time itself conspiring to deepen it! — Clarissa Harlowe

Some admire it, like de Maistre; others execrate it, like Beccaria. Les Miserables

Once the danger passes, forgotten of God and execrate the police. on March 24, 2009 at 2: 44 pm | Reply jerym Tony McNulty ’second home’ shock! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

And we especially condemn and in God's name execrate those who not only omit both forms but also quite autocratically [tyrannically] prohibit, condemn, and blaspheme them as heresy, and so exalt themselves against and above Christ, our Lord and God The Smalcald Articles

Globally, the times are returning when, when hysterical crowds burn American flags or effigies of George Bush, it is not Bush they have in mind, nor the policies of the State Department, but an "internal America" the phrase is from another French fascist of the 1930s, Robert Brasillach where everything the fanatical haters of the West execrate with the utmost virulence is concentrated. Bernard-Henri Lévy says why Barack Obama will be President.

There is, in the synagogue, in the mosque, in the pagoda, in the wigwam, a hideous side which we execrate, and a sublime side, which we adore. Les Miserables

I hope thou wilt make thyself acquainted with this worthy Doctor when thou comest to town; and give him thy thanks, for putting her into conceit with the sex that thou hast given her so much reason to execrate. Clarissa Harlowe

We prosecute and execrate the violent soldier or the cruel interrogator in order to parade ourselves as paragons of the peaceful values they preserve. What Bush and Batman Have in Common

But again I must execrate the abandoned villain — yet, as I said before, all words are poor, and beneath the occasion. Clarissa Harlowe

She's lived down to a lot of the smears that I used to execrate Republicans for using on her. Schneider: Obama makes gains with women

May every enterprising heart abhor, despise, execrate, renounce thee, as I do! — Clarissa Harlowe

Oceania is not allowed to know anything of the tenets of the other two philosophies, but he is taught to execrate them as barbarous outrages upon morality and common sense. Nineteen Eighty-four

The servants seemed more inclined to execrate than welcome him — O master! — Clarissa Harlowe

I am a bankrupt both in fortune and in heart, and can only pray you will hasten to forget – that you may forbear to execrate me! ' Camilla

Their numbers and their deformity excite the horror of the indignant spectators, who are ready to execrate the memory of Semiramis for the cruel art which she invented of frustrating the purposes of nature, and of blasting in the bud the hopes of future generations. Satyricon

Oceania is not allowed to know anything of the tenets of the other two philosophies, but he is taught to execrate them as barbarous outrages upon morality and common sense. Nineteen Eighty-four

These are the people who execrate the man, who despise him with every cell of their being, whose rage at his very name roars like napalm. Bradley Burston: Ritual Terrorism: Hating Obama as a New Form of Religion

Origin of Execrate

mid 16th century: from Latin exsecrat- ‘cursed’, from the verb exsecrari, based on sacrare ‘dedicate’ (from sacer ‘sacred’).

What does execrate mean?

What does the word execrate mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word execrate in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with execrate and anagrams of execrate.

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