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Exit Door Portal (architecture), an opening in the walls of a structure Emergency exit Overwing exit, a type of emergency exit on an airplane Exit ramp, a feature of a road interchange.

What does the word exits mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word exits in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with exits and anagrams of exits.

Definitions of "exits"

  • Plural form of exit. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of exit. verb

The word "exits" in example sentences

The deal is very likely going to result in exits from the MySQL team and cause some sort of a disruption.. [Our Full Analysis of the $7.4B Oracle-Sun Deal]

To safeguard people from falling bodies and debris, authorities blocked the main exits from the lobbies to the street.. [USATODAY.com - Desperation forced a horrific decision]

But since going 15-4, including the Super Bowl, in his first season with the Bucs, Gruden went 45-53 and made quick exits from the playoffs at home after winning division titles in 2005 and 2007.. [Bucs to hire Raheem Morris after firing Jon Gruden]

Still, it is shocking when David Letterman keeps his job and Sarah Palin exits hers.. [Powell calls Palin a 'fascinating figure']

The other end of the catheter is tunneled under the skin and exits from the side of the chest.. [Tunneled Catheter Placement]

United by the shocks they caused last month, the pair's eventual exits from the competition proved contrasting.. [Premier League bites back at Football League in Carling Cup fourth round]

Being an old-timer in Silicon Valley, I understand that while we can giggle about the vagaries of technology insiders, the fact remains that the lack of public market exits is a systemic problem that needs to be solved if the technology industry is to return to normal.. [Answer To Silicon Valley’s Liquidity Question: Think Smaller]

There's a green, some statuary, a news stand, three exits from the Harvard Square Red Line T Station, and a bunch of gates into Harvard Yard, where you cannot park your car.. [live through this and you won't look back]

The principal justification for exits is cost, not value or contribution.. [Dear Jeremy]

Worse yet, there were back-to-back first-round exits from the NCAA tournament in 2005 and 2006 to magnify the scrutiny.. [Rock, chalk ... champs: Kansas wins third title]

There are several exits from the flak bunker, for perimeter defence, re-supply, and commando operations.. [Archive 2007-11-01]

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Tracy McGrady hasn't been able to take Houston further than a couple of first-round exits from the playoffs, and he's faced annual questions about his toughness.. [USATODAY.com]

More concerning is the convoluted way that the exits from the three parking levels all blend together and thread through a circuitous exit maze before hitting the cashier windows.. [Things looking up in Tuxpan]

How she gnashes the words in her teeth real soft mouth snarling out truethats loud as the cacophony of human wreckage and exits from the womb. [It’s All About Me. Kinda. Almost. : Patricia Smith : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation]

Wal-Mart's international business historically produced some of the company's most embarrassing failures, including costly exits from the German and South Korean retail markets in 2006.. [Wal-Mart Elevates Sam's Chief McMillon]

People demand endless negotiation with the Hitlers of my time, limited responses to brutal attacks, and quick exits from the fields of battle.. [Think Progress » Gingrich: ‘This Is, In Fact, World War III’ And The U.S. ‘Ought To Be Helping’]

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@DoreenGLM: Toxic masculinity does not mean masculinity is toxic. It means certain behaviors and ideas that are harmful to men and oth…


If God exits, then he needs to dash and rescue Zimbabwean people ASAP. #Despicable


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Elon Musk Unveils the Boring Company’s Car-Flinging Tunnel
The Tesla and SpaceX CEO showed off the details of his latest scheme to slay traffic.

The Simple Engineering That Will Keep NYC's L Train Rolling
Governor Andrew Cuomo says there’s an easy way to fix the Canarsie Tunnel without shutting down the line for several years. And it’s already been used in other cities.

OneLogin snares $100M investment to expand identity solution into new markets
OneLogin is not a young startup by any means. The identity access management company was founded in 2009 and has watched while companies like Ping Identity, Duo Security and Okta had tidy exits. But as CEOs are fond of pointing out, the total addressable mark…


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  • PronunciationsEH1 G Z IH0 T S
  • Character5
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