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Definitions of "expansion"

  • noun
  • The act or process of expanding. noun
  • The state of being expanded. noun
  • noun
  • An expanded part. noun
  • A product of expanding. noun
  • The extent or amount by which something has expanded. noun
  • noun
  • A quantity written in an extended form, such as in a sum or product of terms. noun
  • The process of obtaining this form. noun
  • An expanse. noun
  • A period of increased economic or business activity. noun
  • The act of expanding. noun
  • The act of extending or distending, or of increasing in extent, size, bulk, amount, etc. noun
  • The state of being expanded; enlargement; distention; dilatation; increase of extent, size, bulk, amount, etc. noun
  • Specifically The increase in bulk of steam in the cylinder of an engine when its communication with the boiler is cut off, in which case its pressure on the piston retreating before it is in inverse ratio to the space it fills. noun
  • A part which constitutes an increase or in which the expanding occurs; specifically, in entomology, a flat projection of a margin, generally lateral: as, a frontal expansion covering the base of the antennæ. noun
  • Extension or spread of space; extent in general; hence, wide extent; immensity. noun
  • In mathematics, the development at length of an expression indicated in a contracted form, especially by means of the distributive principle. noun

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