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Definitions and meanings of "Expectant"

What do we mean by expectant?

Having or marked by expectation. adjective

Pregnant. adjective

Having expectation; expecting.

Looking forward with confidence; assured that a certain future event will occur.

In medicine, relating to or employed in the expectant method: as, an expectant medicine.

One who expects; one who waits in expectation; one held in dependence by his belief or hope of receiving some good. noun

In Scotland, a candidate for the ministry who has not yet received a license to preach. noun

Waiting in expectation; looking for. adjective

An estate in expectancy. See under Expectancy. adjective

One who waits in expectation; one held in dependence by hope of receiving some good. noun

Marked by expectation adjective

Pregnant adjective

In an advanced stage of pregnancy adjective

Marked by eager anticipation adjective

A person who expects or awaits something.

When people waste time planning for the unexpected and unlikely and totally overlook the obvious, usually looking like a dumb-ass as a result. Urban Dictionary

A guaranteed way for you to make sure that people will consistently disappoint you Urban Dictionary

What did you expect with no communication ever? All I expected and still do is bumping into stalker boy .. Map … lol … Clearly he was the one following .. And your defs just say the same as 1/2 years ago yet supposed to either believe it’s you or if it is you .. has any sense of truth to it Like .. seriously … Urban Dictionary

The thoughts and hopes that go through ones mind before an engagement/party/happening etc. that consist of imagining what it might be like. The equation to find satisfaction is found by taking enjoyment and subtracting expectation from it. This is to say that one should never expect too much from something. Urban Dictionary

A variation of the phrase " you would ", used in response to an individual's action that one would presume that individual would typically do anyway. However, "as expected" is significantly less annoying than " you would " which makes you want to punch whoever said it in the face. Urban Dictionary

Something that is expected and also a harsh truth that you're forced to accept. Urban Dictionary

To look high of, above normal Urban Dictionary

What you want to happen even though it never aligns with reality Urban Dictionary

Essex boy's term when he gets frisky/horny. First started around 1 year ago in 2011. Urban Dictionary

1. What one thinks will happen in the future. 2. What one wants to happen in the future. The only word known to be both a synonym and antonym to itself, because an optimist will expect their expectations to be met, while a pessimist will not expect their expectations to be met. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Expectant

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The word "expectant" in example sentences

We are dealing now with "nurture," not with "nature," but we are dealing with a department of nurture which can only be understood when we realize that human beings begin their lives nine months or so before they are born, and that the first stage of their nurture is coincident with what we call expectant motherhood, whilst the second stage of their nurture, normally and properly, ought to be coincident with what we may call nursing motherhood. ❋ Unknown (1909)

She breathed through her mouth, her lips slightly parted, her expression expectant, patient, grown-up. ❋ Messud, Claire (2009)

The expression of expectant success dropped from his face. ❋ Richard Belzer (2009)

So the faithful chanted his name in expectant happy rhythm when he came to the plate with a runner base in the second inning. ❋ Unknown (2006)

He was moved to the area that we call the expectant room. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Men enjoy the sport, because they can light their pipes and smoke in expectant ease; but the consolation of tobacco was debarred from boys who were, as Jim put it, "too young to smoke and too old to make idiots of themselves by trying it," and so they found it undeniably dull. ❋ Unknown (1910)

McKay is looking at John, his expression expectant, clearly waiting for John to fill out the details of his story. ❋ Unknown (2009)

PHILLIPS: And I don't think a lot of people realize, but when this war really intensified and it's carried on that way, there is actually a room and tell me if I'm saying it right, it's called the expectant room, where the men and women who are dying go to this room and that is where you come in. ❋ Unknown (2007)

MICHAEL PHILLIPS, AUTHOR, "THE GIFT OF VALOR": I thought, you know, he was not going to make it and we have too many other wounded guys we have to deal with, it's just one of the harsh parts of military triage, they put him aside in a room called the expectant ward, a room where he was supposed to die. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The full names and titles expectant of Lord Montague were given, a history of the dukedom of Tewkesbury and its ancient glory, with the long line of noble names allied to the young lord, who was a social star of the first magnitude, a great traveler, a sportsman of the stalwart race that has the world for its field. ❋ Charles Dudley Warner (1864)

First and foremost, the article labels expectant mothers "birthmothers" - ❋ Unknown (2009)

Sorting the incoming wounded for treatment is especially hard: Some soldiers, injured terribly, are put in categories that end with the blandly chilling word "expectant" expected to die. ❋ Unknown (2010)

If a wounded insurgent is "expectant" but could conceivably benefit from advanced medical care at another hospital, do you ask soldiers to transport him even if they are likely to run a gantlet of IEDs that may well have been hidden by the patient or his pals? ❋ Unknown (2010)

In Richard's intimate embrace she had always felt a kind of expectant delight that their shameless lust could never be completely sated-that there was always a spark of something left to explore, to reach toward, to define. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Three were dead and two expectant, meaning they wouldn\'t survive. ' ❋ Unknown (2009)

Geek: "They said 10% chance of rain today so I packed an umbrella, [raincoat], and boots, but forgot my [sunscreen]. It was hot and sunny all day so I ended up with a wicked sunburn." Gal: "[Expect the expected]" ❋ Slamotte (2012)

the girl had [high expectations] of guys; she actually thought that the guy would not actually [stomp] on her heart and [break] it. ❋ Smorah (2010)

Expect … [what not] to .. ❋ LetsTalkAboutX (2023)

Ben expected the party to go perfectly as planned. However, the band did not turn up, the drinks table was knocked over, three men were taking to hospital for the consumption of too much whisky an his car broke down [on the way back]. Although Ben [had had] a great time there, he found that he was not satisfied with the outcome because he had had very [high expectations]. ❋ Kikumbob (2005)

Laura: " On the drive home, [Shan] and Marcus were totally holding each others' [peens] for support in a totally no homo way " Allen: " [As Expected]." ❋ Allen Bo (2010)

(This is an example using a two person conversation.) "The new president is a douche bag." "That's expectable...." "Why!? Is it because he's a democrat?!" "No. . . It's because he ran for president; they've all been [douche bags] since [Thomas Jefferson]." "^_^" "That's not a word. . ." "$@J)(DE)@XKLK!!" "[Fair enough]." ❋ Chaz Walker (2008)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

On his way to the party, Tom thought his [expectations] (fucking Summer) would [align] with reality. To bad he found out it was an [engagement party]. ❋ Hurtingchampion (2011)

*[Screams] Expect at the nearest person to him* : May also [slap hand] if he is extremely [excited]. ❋ David Baldry (2012)

[Ronald] [fell] short of my [expectations], but I kind of expected him to. ❋ Kwing (2015)

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