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Definitions of "experiences"

  • Plural form of experience. noun

The word "experiences" in example sentences

In 58 years of living, I've had many and diverse experiences, but it is particularly a few powerful experiences of a spiritual nature –experiences that have inspired and guided my life's work-that have challenged me to make sense of them.. [Our Pathways Into Deep Meaning: A Vision of Wholeness]

MMORPGs are still high barrier of entry experiences because of the *experiences*.. [MMOG Nation » Massive Magazine]

On Christmas Eve he started on his journey, and the next four years were spent among convicts in a prison at Omsk. He has described his experiences there in his “Memories of the House of the Dead” (1853) —experiences which, though frightful in the extreme, seem to have strengthened rather than injured him in body and mind, though they may have embittered his temper.. [Biographical Note]

Even in an epic length period drama like The Princess of Montpensierwith its sweeping battle scenes and violence, the love the young womanof the title experiences for Henri de Guise Gaspard Ulliel, the rakish heartthrob of her youth is what matters most to director Bertrand Tavernier.. [Regina Weinreich: My Rendez-Vous with French Cinema]

Spokeswoman Julie Mosler says the majority of Groupon's deals now are what she calls "experiences.". [USATODAY.com News]

Saban, who for years has been fighting allegations that he raped his adoptive mother when he was a teenager in the early 1970s, said the ad "twists the facts" about what he called his experiences with sexual abuse.. [azcentral.com | news]

So far, though, the best train experiences I've had have been in the U.S.. [Derailed, and a Wonderful Bar-B-Q]

Going to people with actual experiences is much more preferred.. [Passport stamping & fee technicalities for half day U.S. visit?]

No matter our background we bring with us certain experiences that help to shape the decisions we make.. [National Council of Churches]

They're bringing 15 percent of it because what we've found through our experiences is that when they put their own capital into it, they care about it.. [Entrepreneur's Local Partnerships Help Kids Play]

MARTIN: James McDaniel, I want to ask about the whole question of shooting a crime drama here in the city which, of course, experiences is crime.. [Actors In 'Detroit 1-8-7' Live It Up In Motor City]

From my experiences from the 60s onwards the police did need guidance and an equality law was needed, trouble is its gone too far now with this lot of control freaks.. [Five Go Camping In Hampshire « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

I think players will learn what they like about certain experiences as time goes on.. [Tunes For Thought]

What I love most about these experiences is hearing directly from readers.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Booking Book Clubs]

Their survival is due, in part, to Durosko's experiences from the early 1990s, when less disciplined competitors, seeking growth at any cost, borrowed heavily.. [Opening the books is paying dividends for Sun Design]

Instead it is a much more conventional memoir, following her experiences from the day that she first conceived of the Julia Child cooking project to its final conclusion in a book deal and a whole new life.. [From Blog to Book « Tales from the Reading Room]

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