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Definitions of "extinction"

  • The act of extinguishing. noun
  • The condition of being extinguished. noun
  • The fact of being extinct or the process of becoming extinct: "The most effective agent in the extinction of species is the pressure of other species” ( Alfred R. Wallace). noun
  • Psychology A reduction or a loss in the strength or rate of a conditioned response when the unconditioned stimulus or reinforcement is withheld. noun
  • Physiology A gradual decrease in the excitability of a nerve to a previously adequate stimulus, usually resulting in total loss of excitability. noun
  • The action of making or becoming extinct; annihilation. noun
  • The absorption or scattering of electromagnetic radiation emitted by astronomical objects by intervening dust and gas before it reaches the observer. noun
  • The act of extinguishing or making extinct; a putting an end to; the act of putting out or destroying light, fire, life, activity, influence, etc. noun
  • State of being extinguished or of ceasing to be; destruction; suppression. noun
  • The ceasing to exist of a species of living organism, such as a plant or animal, whose numbers declined to the point where the last member of the species died and therefore no new members of the species could ever again be born. noun
  • The act of extinguishing, or the state of being extinguished; a quenching or putting out, as of fire or flame. noun
  • Hence A bringing or coming to an end; a putting out of existence; suppression; destruction. noun
  • In optics, the arresting of a beam of light by polarization, by the imperfect transparency of the medium, or otherwise. noun
  • the reduction of the intensity of radiation as a consequence of absorption and radiation noun
  • no longer active; extinguished noun
  • complete annihilation noun
  • no longer in existence noun
  • the act of extinguishing; causing to stop burning noun
  • a conditioning process in which the reinforcer is removed and a conditioned response becomes independent of the conditioned stimulus noun

The word "extinction" in example sentences

"The term extinction is generally used to describe new learning that the previously feared event is now safe," Phelps tells WebMD.. [WebMD Health]

Voluntary human extinction is the humanitarian alternative to human disasters.. [About: Blinded by Science]

As compared to the neutral mutant, this probability of extinction is less by only 0.01.. [The Weasel Thread]

Professor STUART PIMM (Duke University): Species extinction is rather like death and taxes.. [Study: Conservation Efforts Face Uphill Struggle]

The plight of the 16,928 species threatened with extinction is largely due to devastating man-made ecological changes such as habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and unsustainable exploitation.. ['100 Heartbeats': Jeff Corwin's New Book Highlights The Race To Save Species Endangered By Mankind (PHOTOS)]

If human extinction is what it takes to rid the universe of idiots such as Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity — Republicans in general along with their counterparts, the Mullahs of Iran, et al. — well, heck, I guess I can stand tall and accept the proposition.. [Think Progress » Glenn Beck: ‘There aren’t enough knives’ for ‘dishonored’ climate scientists to kill themselves.]

Legislation championed by Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo (HR 3824) would effectively weaken the Endangered Species Act. We urge you to oppose HR 3824 on the moral grounds that extinction is not stewardship and that one of humanity's responsibilities is to care for all living things.. [Eco-Justice]

The carbon spike that triggered the last phase of the Permian extinction is pretty convincing.. [Matthew Yglesias » Arctic Seabed Methane Stores Destabilizing]

Looking from Finland, either fishing faces certain extinction at the hands of EU envirocranks (Finland & Sweden only barely managed to block the Baltic fishing ban, Iceland and Norway stay out because the EU wants to kill fishing) or we * might* lose it due to overfishing.. [Matthew Yglesias » Bush As Crank]

If they die out, that is, if their number drop to zero, then they are not a biological success, but are extinct. angryoldfatman: So having sterile offspring is not an evolutionary disadvantage, unless it results in extinction, then it is.. [At What Level did this Evolve?]

So having sterile offspring is not an evolutionary disadvantage, unless it results in extinction, then it is. angryoldfatman: For social insects to have evolved, at some point having sterile offspring had to be advantageous for the organism in question.. [At What Level did this Evolve?]

It's not getting through yet, is it? angryoldfatman: So having sterile offspring is not an evolutionary disadvantage, unless it results in extinction, then it is.. [At What Level did this Evolve?]

If liberals go extinct, that would require all humans die, because extinction is not something that can be applied to a political group, it applies to a species.. [Think Progress » Poll Confirms Massachusetts Election Was Not A Rejection Of Health Care Reform]

Your fossils may well tell you another mass extinction is due.. [Leaders TV Debate – Law & Order Summary SHOCK! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

The problem is in extinction; without fresh outs the machine has no replacement parts.. [NASA Workforce Issues - The Crisis is Here - NASA Watch]

The descent into extinction is seen through the eyes of four people, all of whom were held captive together for five years.. [REVIEW: Flood by Stephen Baxter]

Extinction on Social Media

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