Definitions of "Extra"

More than or beyond what is usual, normal, expected, or necessary: synonym: superfluous. adjective

Subject to an additional charge. adjective

Something more than is usual or necessary. noun

Something, such as an accessory on a motor vehicle, for which an additional charge is made. noun

A special edition of a newspaper. noun

A performer hired to play a minor part, as in a crowd scene in a film. noun

To an exceptional extent or degree; unusually. adverb

Beyond the ordinary standard or measure; extraordinarily; unusually; uncommonly: as, this is done extra well; that is an extra high price.

More than what is usual, or than what is due, appointed, or expected; supplementary; additional; supernumerary: as, an extra price; an extra edition of a newspaper; extra diet; extra charges at a boarding-school.

Something in addition to what is usual or expected; something over and above the usual course or charge, or beyond what is usual. noun

Specifically An edition or a copy of a newspaper issued at an unusual hour to convey special intelligence. noun

In cricket, a score or run not made from the bat, as a bye or a wide: usually in plural. noun

The word "Extra" in example sentences

What does extra mean?

What does the word extra mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word extra in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with extra and anagrams of extra.

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