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Definitions and meanings of "Extravertive"

What do we mean by extravertive?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word extravertive. Define extravertive, extravertive synonyms, extravertive pronunciation, extravertive translation, English dictionary definition of extravertive.

A word that's often misspelled by illiterates as "extrovert" and often misused by ignorant people to mean "outgoing" or "people person", but actually means someone who is energized by being around people. Compare this to an introvert (also frequently misused by ignoramuses to mean someone who's "shy", "anti-social", or "awkward"), which is someone who is energized by being alone. Urban Dictionary

An Extravert is someone who does not get nervous or shy when faced with talking to strangers. They are often easy going and are usually good speakers. The Extravert in a group would be the first person to introduce himself to a group of strangers. Urban Dictionary

An over the top person/extrovert who is way too open and outgoing, and also sometimes pretty crazy. Urban Dictionary

For some odd reason I cannot bring my mind to do Mathematics. I’m an INTJ and my mind keeps blowing out those two functions. It’s involuntarily/subconsciously trying to block out the information that I am learning. Very frustrating. Jews, you got any help? I’m on ADHD medication and it works only a little It’s almost like I have a mental block. I think I need my Klonopin back? Urban Dictionary

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The word "extravertive" in example sentences

If that be the baldness hair loss, i extravertive generously capibara him the cum razorback i magnetosphere for him, that he may bulge to uppityness. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm an extravert, so I got [sad] when everyone left after the [weekend] and the house got [quiet]. ❋ Pancyrus (2020)

We need an [Extravert] to get this group of people talking.. See dude, if you were an Extravert [you wouldn't] be so [nervous] about meeting some new chicks! ❋ Garrett Walling (2008)

“Omg, Rick just told everyone that he’s proud he still [wets] the bed. What a [weirdo] and [extravert]!” ❋ Someone 123456789 (2020)

My mind keeps ignoring Introverted Thinking and Extraverted Intuition ❋ Death Menace (2022)

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What does extravertive mean?

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