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Definitions of "familiar"

  • Often encountered or seen: synonym: common. adjective
  • Having fair knowledge; acquainted. adjective
  • Of established friendship; intimate. adjective
  • Natural and unstudied; informal. adjective
  • Taking undue liberties; presumptuous. adjective
  • Familial. adjective
  • Domesticated; tame. Used of animals. adjective
  • A close friend or associate. noun
  • An attendant spirit, often taking animal form. noun
  • One who performs domestic service in the household of a high official. noun
  • A person who frequents a place. noun
  • Pertaining to a family; domestic.
  • Having, or springing from, intimate and friendly social relations; closely intimate: as, a familiar friend; familiar companionship; to be on familiar terms with one.
  • Having a friendly aspect or manner; exhibiting the manner of an intimate friend; affable; not formal or distant; especially, using undue familiarity; intrusive; forward.
  • Characterized by ease or absence of stiffness or pedantry; unconstrained.
  • Having an intimate knowledge; well knowing; well acquainted; well versed (in a subject of study): as, he is familiar with the works of Horace.
  • Well known from frequent observation, use, etc.; well understood.
  • Synonyms Close, intimate, amicable, fraternal, near.

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@grauhase: Avó traficante. Mãe acusada de falsificação. Tio miliciano. Incrível como a Micheque consegue ser pura no meio de tanto famil…


nothing irritates me like men who get excited at the mere hint of an intimate tweet (not even to them) believing it…


It is so amazing and fun to meet new children (and see a few familiar ones) every day in another country! 🧡🧡…


@jackmolay Menuda presión social y familiar tiene que sufrir nadie para pasar por esto...


@angelilagan_: All college courses are equally difficult. I repeat ALL COLLEGE COURSES ARE EQUALLY DIFFICULT. You shouldn’t degrade a de…

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Familiar Word Data

  • Pronunciationsfə-mĭl′yər
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation fa mil iar fa mil iar


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