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Definitions and meanings of "Faq"

What do we mean by faq?

A list of questions said to be frequently asked, and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions Urban Dictionary

(pronounced ‘fack’) A walkthrough for a particular video-game or specific section of a particular video-game. Because of the long amount of time that it has been used in this fashion (its originations still lying in ‘Frequently Asked Questions’), it is now becoming appropiate to spell it in the lowercase and pronounce it(when used in this way) as ‘fack’(rather than ‘eff-ay-kyoo’). Just like the word (no longer an acronym in the truest sense) ‘milf’ doesn’t have to be spelled-out ‘MILF’ in all-capital letters--even though when it was still a new word it was. Note that an ‘F.A.Q.’ as used in the traditional sense when pertaining to a list of ‘frequently-asked question’ or a variant of the like can be referred-to as simply ‘Q&As’ to help elminate the now-present small bit of ambiguity regarding the two kinds of ‘FAQs’\‘faqs’. Note also that you can be reading *a* faq (such as one for a videogame), but checking over *an* FAQ (such as a list of questions if you are confused about something), due to the difference in pronounciation between the two. Plural form: faqs. Urban Dictionary

Frequently Asked Questions and those who asked a question in the FAQ may get attacked by zealous FAQ enforcers with a variety of methods including castration. Urban Dictionary

Frequently asked questions. A selection of questions that newbies may ask, and detailed answers covering all the basics of the website. Urban Dictionary

Definition 1: Frequently Asked Questions Definition 2: Another funnier way to say fuck. Urban Dictionary

'Fuck You' in Elite English. First established by Virtual YouTuber Sakura Miko. Urban Dictionary

Stands for frequently asked questions. It is not a fancy spelling for fact. Urban Dictionary

That might be a 'Frequently Asked Questions". but in the Hololive Community, that's a sign of love. Urban Dictionary

Frequently asked question. Often provided by websites, where nobody is there in person to help you with questions you have regarding the site's purpose and capabilities. Urban Dictionary

Faqqing is when you write a FAQ (Frequently asked question). Urban Dictionary

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The word "faq" in example sentences

Spec. new @spec = @user. spec @user. faq | | = Faq. new @faq = @user. faq end The two-variable definition pattern evident in this action is quite common, and each one can be condensed into one line as follows: ❋ Midpoint (2009)

The added function is virtually identical to the form for the spec: Listing 9.40 app/controllers/faq controller. rb # Edit the user's FAQ. def edit @title = "Edit FAQ" @user = User. find (session [: user_id]) @user. faq | | = Faq. new @faq = ❋ Midpoint (2009)

Spec. new @faq = @user. faq | | = Faq. new @blog = @user. blog | | = Blog. new end The blog management page itself is simple. ❋ Midpoint (2009)

Everything in their faq is vague and couched in legalese, saying nothing. ❋ Reudaly (2003)

Back in the dark ages, I discovered a great program called faq-o-matic. ❋ Unknown (2009)

$location_url = append_sid ( "{$phpbb_root_path} search. $phpEx"); break; case 'faq': ❋ Coolzero (2009)

Your faq does addresses the issue of personhood as determine subjectively unless we say a person is a member of the human species, no matter what, and too often people use an arbitrary concept of personhood to exclude others, or worse. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Even with the examples you provided in your faq about an anesthetic for rape or robbery, or even the Nazis killing the Jews. ❋ Unknown (2009)

From the ATF faq, this in particular is from the Curio and Relic section but applies to all non FFL licensees. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Since apparently "crude name-calling", i.e. insinuating someone is too lazy to read a reference, is apparently off-limits, I'll more briefly state that Lauren's objections are empty since she seems to have missed the location of the faq in question: www. infoshop.org/faq. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Loading ... cc sites creative commons icommons asia commons cc Australia cc New Zealand cc projects science commons ccInternational ccLearn ccMixter ccLabs cc info about license your work search cc licensed work case studies ccWiki ccPlanet ccTechBlog about the licences marking content cc faq things to think about explore cc commoners audio video image text education software ccAustralia Flickr pool www. flickr.com ❋ Unknown (2009)

The infoshop faq you reference is described thus on the infoshop. org website: ❋ Unknown (2009)

I am from Guyana and, too, and now am writing in English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Costumers faq about airline tickets, airfares and fligths information your booking and ticket details are kept securely in the airline computer system.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

Home contact speaking credits faq podcasting tips video archive advertise ❋ Unknown (2009)

EPA's Frequently Asked Questions on Groundwater and Drinking Water - www. epa.gov/ogwdw/faq/faq. html ❋ Unknown (2010)

Tyson0016: My old mac was a powerbook G4 and I recently got the new macbook, so I'm not too familiar with the different iterations of the pros, but their faq does say that ❋ Unknown (2010)

The company later added a note www. free.avg.com/ww-en/faq? num = 4080 with links to download a recovery tool that can run off a USB flash drive. ❋ Rob Pegoraro (2010)

This [FAQ] [page] is for your [convenience]. ❋ Evax (2002)

The top two websites for video-game [faqs] [on my list] are GameFAQs.com and IGN.com, with [Neoseeker] following closely behind. ❋ Victor Van Styn (2005)

from www.warcraftiii.net Seriously, [read the FAQ] before we hunt you down and [castrate] you! And this to appease the [bugged] minimum message length. ❋ KrewL RaiN (2005)

[Urbandictionary] needs an [faq] [page]. ❋ Gumba Gumba (2004)

John: Oh Faq i got an A on my [test]!!!! [Teacher]: DON'T EVER [SAY THAT AGAIN] John: i did nothing wrong.... ❋ Yor Mother Faqer (2011)

[Miko]: "OH [MAI] [GA]. FAQ!" Chat: "FAQ" ❋ Manaita (2020)

The [FAQs] on the [website] gave me a lot of [info]. ❋ Fagophile (2010)

[Moona]: "I FAQ YOU" Elite [Miko]: "I FAQ [YOU TOO]!". ❋ StanderPlays (2021)

Here's a [list] of the [website's] [FAQs]. ❋ Diggity Monkeez (2005)

Joe [wrote] the Frequently asked [questions] yesterday, and he was [Faqqing] so well. ❋ FackingFaqqing (2017)

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