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In the context of the World Wide Web, a bookmark is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that is stored for later retrieval in any of various storage formats. All modern web browsers include bookmark features. Bookmarks are called favorites or Internet shortcuts in Internet Explorer, and by virtue of that browser's large market share, these terms have been synonymous with bookmark since the first browser war. Bookmarks are normally accessed through a menu in the user's web browser, and folders are commonly used for organization. In addition to bookmarking methods within most browsers, many external applications offer bookmark management. Bookmarks have been incorporated in browsers since the Mosaic browser in 1993. Bookmark lists were called Hotlists in Mosaic and in previous versions of Opera; this term has faded from common use. Other early web browsers such as ViolaWWW and Cello also had bookmarking features. With the advent of social bookmarking, shared bookmarks have become a means for users sharing similar interests to pool web resources, or to store their bookmarks in such a way that they are not tied to one specific computer or browser. Web-based bookmarking services let users save bookmarks on a remote web server, accessible from anywhere. Newer browsers have expanded the "bookmark" feature to include variations on the concept of saving links. Mozilla Firefox introduced live bookmarks in 2004, which resemble standard bookmarks but contain a list of links to recent articles supplied by a news site or weblog, which is regularly updated via RSS feeds. "Bookmarklets" are JavaScript programs stored as bookmarks that can be clicked to perform a function..

What does the word favorites mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word favorites in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with favorites and anagrams of favorites.

Definitions of "favorites"

  • Plural form of favorite. noun

The word "favorites" in example sentences

The Ghanaians having gone down 1: 0 in Accra to a goal from substitute Alain Nkong that came against (inaudible) play, while Egypt beat the Ivory Coast 4: 1 in Kumasi, crashing the title favorites, who previously conceded just one goal in the whole tournament.. [CNN Transcript Feb 9, 2008]

Czisny's victory in the Grand Prix Final last month has re-established her as one of the title favorites along with Nagasu - who beat Czisny in Paris - and Rachael Flatt, the reigning champion.. [chicagotribune.com - News]

Star Club will be one of the title favorites when they begin their Martyrs Memorial San Miguel A Division. [WN.com - Articles related to ‘Secular’ leaders attend yagna for Hindu Nepal]

The dominant Patriots are the title favorites -- and it's not even close. [SI.com]

But with point guard Lindsay Whalen coming into her own and the unflappable leadership of 2008 Coach of the Year Mike Thibault, the Sun led the way for most of the regular season and were among the title favorites until their upset loss to the Liberty in the Eastern Conference semis.. [WNBA.com: News and Scores]

Maybe not quite to that extreme, but more along the lines of having the Horned Frogs win the rest of their games while the title favorites in the top five lose two games each.. [Statesman - AP Sports]

Champinoship note: After 10 laps, here's where the title favorites are: Jimmie Johnson. [FOXSports.com News]

One of my favorites is her acoustic version of "Paparazzi" though.. [From The Tips Box: Context Menus, iPod Ratings, Bleach Alternatives | Lifehacker Australia]

One of my favorites is a white and red spinner bait made.. [Coldwater Spinnerbaiting for Bass]

One of my favorites is the Democrats even negotiating with the Republicans about ANYTHING these days.. [Think Progress » Pence ‘Considering’ Challenging Evan Bayh As Bayh Attacks The ‘Left’]

One of my favorites is also Sandman Mystery Theatre, but it is very rooted in the 1930s pulps, so it might not be to everyone's taste.. [The Mondays: This Week Gets a Little Graphic]

One of my favorites is the vague “No street clothes.”. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Public Opinion, Anti-Discrimination Law, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964]

One of my favorites is the Z-Base 550 from ZVOX, a simulated surround-sound speaker that sits under your television.. [Bigger Audio Dynamite]

Of the dozens of interesting stories we've covered on this blog over the years, one of our favorites is the "Welches" con man.. [Bad penny (Jack Bog's Blog)]

One of my favorites is the Federalist attack on Thomas Jefferson during the campaign of 1800 -. [14 Important Science Questions]

One of my favorites is the Danish Modern mouth-blown glassware created by Holmegaard.. [November 2008]

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(bilgisayar) sık kullanılanlar. yer imleri.(bilgisayar) sık kullanılanlar. yer imleri.

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OCTOBER BEAUTY FAVORITES 2018 💕 | Stephanie Ledda
OCTOBER BEAUTY FAVORITES 2018 💕 | Stephanie Ledda

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  • PronunciationsF EY1 V ER0 IH0 T S
  • Character9
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