Definitions and meanings of "Favourable"

What do we mean by favourable?

Pleasing, encouraging or approving.

Useful or helpful.

Convenient or at a suitable time; opportune.

Auspicious or lucky.

Favorable  Urban Dictionary

A extremely beautiful and lovable girl who is very talented and intellegent. She is a very kind hearted girl she is also a great singer. If you have a Favour you are very lucky , use her wisely, encourage her and give her advice.She is a shyly and loyal and forgiving despite the fact she does not forget and can cling on to the past. She knows she has a lot of flaws but accepts them and tries to get better. She has a banging personality when you get to know her.She sometimes get angry.She is a great dancer keep her and you are set for life  Urban Dictionary

Favour is a beautiful girl. She is very shy and scared. She loves to take pictures and make people laugh. U should try being friends with her. She is very social coming to friends but coming to her schoolwork she is 100% focus. She loves to hang out with anybody, she loves every diversity (Black, Nigerian, White, Muslim, Mexican E.T.C) Even though she can have those times when she just want to be quiet bc something happened. She can be very outgoing and make people laugh. If u need to find a cutie and shy girl, Ask yourself for a Favour. Favour is very beautiful girl that loves to make people happy anytime, anywhere.  Urban Dictionary

Someone thats gonna make it one day.  Urban Dictionary

A very slender and tall ladylike African american female. She's a lifelong friend but if you offended her she sure as hell will go off on you. She's known for her effortless beauty and exotic ness. She's very real. This can sometimes come off as snobby of bitchy. If you ever get a chance to become her friend do it on the spot  Urban Dictionary

A dope name for a dope GUY. He’s black! Hot πŸ₯΅ Awesome 😜 and the coolest dude you’ll ever meet🦁. Probably African, sexy and smart. He’s kind and generous but not to mess with. A dope friend and an unique being. A star ⭐️ with drip and sauce πŸ’§ and is got tons of moneeyπŸ’Έ. He may seem kind but is even kinder to his closest, get to know him and you won’t be them sameπŸ’―. He’s got a bright future ahead πŸ’Ž  Urban Dictionary

Favour has a generous heart and is ready to listen, although he can move a bit rude and mad sometimes he will always back his friends. He is talented and a very good footballer.  Urban Dictionary

It's not pretentious, it's just plain, simple English.  Urban Dictionary

Favourr is a girl. She is a very bh open girl and has a great self esteem but she ecan get shy at times she is able to stand up for herself andd yasss great achievements for her future anddd she Is most likely to have her first boyfriend at the age of 12 with that his name will start with a m. Favour has a load of best friends but the best starts with A .....  Urban Dictionary

A man of complete awesomeness, usually black as there are much other people called favour. Most likely a ninja or some other bad ass profession, such as porn star, elected official, super-athlete or even C.E.O. of your mom. also he will have a huge black dick. A favour is usually found in places like France, Spain, England, USA, Australia and other places you can party and still make a good business for yourself. when you find a favour be sure to watch his awesomeness as he swaggers down the street. if you are a hot girl be sure to watch yourself as you will be attracted to him as soon as you see this and a favour will take advantage of that. a favour also has the skills of finch ( of american pie) so so don't be surprised if you find him fornicating with your milf of a mother i dont want to go on for much longer or i wont be able to stop and this will go on for pages upon pags  Urban Dictionary

The word "favourable" in example sentences

How to use favourable in a sentence? Example sentences with the favourable, a sentence example for favourable, and how to make favourable in sample sentence, how do I use the word favourable in a sentence? How do you spell favourable in a sentence?

Earlier this year Mugabe said Malabo was providing his fuel - starved country with oil at what he described as favourable terms. ❋ Unknown (2007)

If he is a friend of the new President, his choice alone indicates a certain favourable interest by the President. ❋ Unknown (2009)

(Subtler forms, perhaps arguable, although I remain favourable disposed to-wards him, I mean look at his confrΓ¨res …) However, the bootlicker Naciri went for broke. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Of course, this might lead to all kinds of schemes to register credit cards with billing addresses in favourable tax locations. ❋ Unknown (2002)

Obviously, consistent work performance combined with good general behaviour will also result in favourable consideration for earlier release into the community under parole supervision. ❋ Unknown (1978)

The technological stars and planets are now in favourable conjunction, so to speak -- and they will not stay that way for long. ❋ Unknown (1969)

The degree of exactitude by which the atomic weights can thus be determined by the mass spectrograph amounts, in favourable cases, to one in a thousand. ❋ Unknown (1966)

If growth continues at the present pace and general business conditions remain favourable, we anticipate that we will double again in the next ten years and that we will require about 1.5 billion of new capital. ❋ Unknown (1964)

The geology is again favourable for natural gas and oil, with extensive sedimentary formations particularly in the Northwest Territories. ❋ Unknown (1957)

It does not take violent forms (English people are almost invariably gentle and law-abiding), but it is ill-natured enough, and in favourable circumstances it could have political results. ❋ Unknown (1945)

We have been able in recent years to draw closer the bonds of trade between the two countries and the more we can develop that the more favourable is likely to be the opportunity for migration from the Old Country, but we must remember that migration has got to be linked with the economic conditions of the country. ❋ Unknown (1936)

It grows everywhere as far north as the Skeena River, by 54 deg. of latitude, except on the Queen Charlotte Islands, and in favourable situations it attains a height of 300 feet and a diameter of 11 feet. ❋ Unknown (1907)

Under proper management, and in favourable situations, it is a well-known fact that spruce reproduces within twenty to thirty years. ❋ Unknown (1907)

Now the weather is again favourable to the growth of the domestic virtues, and also, sad to say, to the development of rheumatism. ❋ Unknown (1883)

The general tenor of the advices is again favourable to the Federals. ❋ Unknown (1862)

Th 'Almighty on the Righteous calls A favourable Eye: ❋ Unknown (1668)

Your question β€œCan primary care deliver what is needed?” is fundamental to identify and work on the aspects that are crucial to obtain favourable results in this approach for obesity, we must start that way, but I would also add to the participation of the multidisciplinary teams an every time increasing involvement of the sociocultural networks that surround patients with the goals of health of patients, because very often I get the impression that health teams (even in an ideal multidisciplinary scenario) have limited capability of making people eat healthy and become or remain physically active in this society. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I seem to recall a favourable sequel to this posting but have been unable to find it. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Below a [less than] favourable [exterior] [win]. ❋ Hercolena Oliver (2009)

Guy one:Isn’t that Favour Guy two:She’s beautiful Guy one:[Damnnn] she can [do me] a Favour [alright] ❋ Chiffons See Gvccdfgj (2020)

Favour is [a friend]. ❋ Terell23 (2016)

[Tatiana] : "swear that's [favour] that went to our secondary, [ah man] if only I knew he was gonna be like this in the future" ❋ Unknowm24s (2020)

[Omg] [look at] her! She is so [favour] ❋ MyNameIsJuanJose (2015)

[My name is] Favour ❋ Dope FactzzzπŸ”₯ (2019)

Favour is a baller [uno]! Favour is a [certi] don [rt]! ❋ Pilot3 (2019)

[Do yourself] a favour and [learn] [the damned] language ❋ [email protected] (2008)

Favour is [my friend] and if you [hurt] her I hurt youuu .πŸŽ‚βš οΈπŸ˜‘ ❋ Alierisdebest (2020)

son [see's] cool black guy across the road in town with his [milf]. they get home [night time] favour fucking a mother son walks in: new he was a favour ❋ Don1234 (2012)

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