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Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. Fear in human beings may occur in response to a specific stimulus occurring in the present, or in anticipation or expectation of a future threat perceived as a risk to body or life. The fear response arises from the perception of danger leading to confrontation with or escape from/avoiding the threat (also known as the fight-or-flight response), which in extreme cases of fear (horror and terror) can be a freeze response or paralysis. In humans and animals, fear is modulated by the process of cognition and learning. Thus fear is judged as rational or appropriate and irrational or inappropriate. An irrational fear is called a phobia. Psychologists such as John B. Watson, Robert Plutchik, and Paul Ekman have suggested that there is only a small set of basic or innate emotions and that fear is one of them. This hypothesized set includes such emotions as acute stress reaction, anger, angst, anxiety, fright, horror, joy, panic, and sadness. Fear is closely related to, but should be distinguished from, the emotion anxiety, which occurs as the result of threats that are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable. The fear response serves survival by generating appropriate behavioral responses, so it has been preserved throughout evolution. Sociological and organizational research also suggests that individuals’ fears are not solely dependent on their nature but are also shaped by their social relations and culture, which guide their understanding of when and how much fear to feel..

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Definitions of "fear"

  • A feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger. noun
  • A state or condition marked by this feeling: living in fear. noun
  • A feeling of disquiet or apprehension: a fear of looking foolish. noun
  • Extreme reverence or awe, as toward a supreme power. noun
  • A reason for dread or apprehension: Being alone is my greatest fear. noun
  • To be afraid or frightened of. verb-transitive
  • To be uneasy or apprehensive about: feared the test results. verb-transitive
  • To be in awe of; revere. verb-transitive
  • To consider probable; expect: I fear you are wrong. I fear I have bad news for you. verb-transitive
  • Archaic To feel fear within (oneself). verb-transitive
  • To be afraid. verb-intransitive
  • To be uneasy or apprehensive. verb-intransitive
  • Able; capable; stout; strong; sound. adjective
  • A strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat. noun
  • A phobia, a sense of fear induced by something or someone. noun
  • Extreme veneration or awe, as toward a supreme being or deity. noun
  • To cause fear to; to frighten. verb
  • To feel fear about (something). verb
  • To venerate; to feel awe towards. verb

The word "fear" in example sentences

Where one protasis is followed by another opposed in meaning, but affirmative in form, the second is introduced by sīn; as, -- hunc mihi timōrem ēripe; sī vērus est, nē opprimar, sīn falsus, ut timēre dēsinam, _relieve me of this fear; if it is well founded, that I may not be destroyed; but if it is groundless, that I may cease to fear_.. [New Latin Grammar]

Shall it be of that famous Saplana who runneth away to put himself in hiding; -- for fear -- _verily for fear_ -- the Commander of Famagosta! afraid to die like. [The Royal Pawn of Venice A Romance of Cyprus]

I remember that I broke forth with words like these—“I do not fear, my soul does not fear”; and at the same time I found the strength to rise.. [The Haunted and the Haunters: Or the House and the Brain]

He had only to dare; and pain and poverty and fear -- above all else _fear_ -- would end forever! .... [The Flaming Jewel]

In the fourth place, the feeling and principle of fear ought to enter into the experience of both youth and manhood, _because it relieves from all other fear_.. [Sermons to the Natural Man]

I never in all my life had so little fear of man: I had _no fear_ then.. [Canadian Wild Flowers]

I fear, * fear*, that we are fast approaching a time of national revolution.. [Theodore's World]

_fear, love, and obey_; and we must have the fulfilment of the first two before we can expect the latter, and it is by our philosophy of creating fear, love and confidence, that we govern to our will every kind of a horse whatever.. [The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses]

And against these on the one side, and the Brother Sodoms on the other, I shall interrupt my story to put this chapter under shelter of that wise remark of the great Dr. Adam Clark, who says "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, the terror of God confounds the soul;" and that other saying of his: "With the _fear_ of. [The Hoosier Schoolmaster A Story of Backwoods Life in Indiana]

But, I see, you have some religion in you, that you fear] _You are a friend_ to the lady, _and therein the wiser_, as you will not expose her to hazard; and that you _fear_, is a proof of your _religious_ fidelity.. [Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies]

III. ii.46 (400,1) Man's nature cannot carry/The affliction, nor the fear] So the folio: the later editions read, with the quarto, _force_ for _fear_, less elegantly.. [Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies]

Bush and company manipulated many cowardly americans to give up thier many freedoms for "security" and cower in fear from a bunch religious zealots.. [Domestic surveillance program began soon after 9/11]

For others, just reading the word fear might cause a physical reaction.. [Make Yourself Unforgettable]

The main fear is that realignment in Congress could lead to a fresh round of domestic political battles that might distract the Obama administration from following through on its efforts to position the U.S. as a counterweight to China's growing influence in this part of the world.. [In Southeast Asia, Democrats' Losses Prompt Worries]

Southeast Asia's main fear is that the Obama Administration could be distracted from its efforts to position the U.S. as a counterweight to China's growing influence in the region.. [U.S. Vote Cheered in China, Rued in Russia]

The last time I did an international flight I was subjected to a pretty scary, HOURS-long sequestered 'interview' that was blatantly unconstitutional while my wife looked on in fear from the other side of the room.. [Thoughtcrime]

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(f). korkmak. Never fear. Korkma, öyle bir tehlike yok.(f). korkmak. Never fear. Korkma, öyle bir tehlike yok.

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