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    Yes | No | Report from mattreney wrote 24 weeks 5 days ago not on the list but im turning 16 in feb. [What is your age?]

    He was still there in feb, but i've yet to see him or photo him yet this year.. [The Big Blow Up]

    I will be 35 in feb, I think there is something about the other side of 35 that gives pause.. [Three Dozen and More]

    Ever notice in feb-march that they are sprouting something NEW.. [Sound Politics: Where Does Burner Stand on Tax Cuts?]

    Jay, aside from the proven fact that Wilson was/is a liar (re: the uranium documents he claims he knew were forgeries in feb 2002, but never saw until sept 2002), what Hardball are YOU watching?. [Think Progress » “Left-Wing Radical”: Hannity Kicks Off Next Wilson Smear Campaign]

    Then in jan. its on to ducks, feb is for geese, and then there are trout till turkey's in april.. [What's everyone hunting in the off-season?]

    i got mine half price preorder off her site back in feb plus no shipping/h charge try that link. [Twilight Lexicon » USA Today discusses Graphic Novel]

    i agree with you. whilst i'm sure nolan will return, i doubt it will be going into pre-production in feb 2009. orange cinema. [Has Christopher Nolan Signed On For Dark Knight Sequel? | /Film]

    Lets see start hunting dove sep 1 and deer season for me ends the second week in feb.. [What's great about your state?]

    On top of that in feb. 09 my doctor said to go to the Emergency Room and get checked out for a continuing health problem I was experiencing.. [Mrs. Obama on health insurance]

    I'd like to but it's unlikely i'll get up to pa. camp to hunt coyotes in feb., but some of our guys do.. [With the big game season winding down in most areas. What is everyone doing to keep sharp and break the monotony of winter?]

    i do need to return to fla for that short time and my insurance card still does read that it expires in feb. of 2003 ... but actually it has been cancelled. does anyone know of where i can get temp. auto ins for that short trip into the usa? or any suggestions at all on how to deal with this. thanks, pat keith. [auto insurance when returning to usa]

    So just to clear it up. is hot topic releasing the DVD on feb 9th to those that have pre odered it?. [Twilight Lexicon » Hot Topic Announces DVD Pre-Order Parties!]

    I booked a flight from Guadalajara feb. 4th to 12.. [short vacation to mexico]

    I would encourage everyone in Kane County to contact their board member and candidates running for those seats in the feb primary and next year and get their position on this.. [Kane County State's Attorney's Office Pushes Edge on Gun Control and Use of Force]

    By fknvty, February 25, 2010 @ 9: 17 pm be interested to see what all and sundry think of this little charmer. a senior lecturer no less, in spatial perception in artificial environments, has been published. point your search engines to peter lennox, “pecking order” (title of article) 4 feb 2010. courtesy of THE (times higher education) pz.v. p.s. expecting a sampled 45 rpm single to be released soon.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Kinda buried.]

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    @CUhlmann: Why is the liberty of Bahraini footballer Hakeem al-Araibi worth more than that of Australian blogger Yang Hengjun? He’s now…


    @angeldotae_: after that on 25th feb doyoung sent msg again DY Jeno how are u?


    More than half of care homes fail fire safety inspection

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