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Finally letting you go and watching you happier from afar, always be the ambitious soul that you are. I'm gonna miss all of our inside jokes. explore the universe, my astronaut! Urban Dictionary

The character of la la land's epilogue on my life Urban Dictionary

Febi is a cute girl, she's smart, and she's good looking Urban Dictionary

Beautiful in a striking angelic way. Sometimes used as a nickname usually to shorten Feben. These girl are unshakable and full of confidence without the need to bring others down. They command attention when walking into a room. Urban Dictionary

Synonymn for an extremely cool, skilled, talented and experienced person in the game of lovemaking. Urban Dictionary

An immensely intelligent young man, who is undeniably sexy. His intellect is a gift to the human race just as much as his brooding good looks are to the world. Urban Dictionary

(Febi) Urban Dictionary

Emo, kewl, cutie, a drunken mess, Urban Dictionary

Feby Ananda Urban Dictionary

Feby is someone who is worth all the effort you put into her, being a very W COMPANION and playing the role of a very strong girl in the friend zone or your community. She is a very beautiful person and has the ability to be intimidating that too unintentionally, Feby is the kind of person we all often walk across at every aspect of life, but it takes their absence to realize that we have walked across the kind of person we all need in our lives. Feby is very empathetic and selflessly helpful, very caring and has the charms as that of a heartbreaker but the only thing is that she is humble hearted. Love your Feby and beware that you dont lose the moon counting the stars, Feby is a very precious stone of a person, tis someone you cant unlove. is always a W COMPANION Urban Dictionary

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The word "febi" in example sentences

[name], febi, [character] ❋ Moonsong22 (2022)

febi ❋ Moonsong22 (2022)

[febi] is a [really] [cute girl] ❋ Whoamikylie (2019)

[Wow] She’s [a force] [Yah] she’s Febi ❋ Yep12 (2022)

OMG you [make me] feel [so good], you are the best [feby]! ❋ Jonomanda (2010)

That [15 year old] attractive, [intelligent] boy over there is such a [febi]! ❋ Febuardo (2014)

Febi ❋ Febi (2020)

Febie is [a person] that [pary's] [like a rockstar]!!! ❋ Scemo (2008)

Feby Ananda ❋ Feby Ananda (2021)

Feby is [indescribably] a very [great person]... ❋ The One Person 6ft Deep (2023)

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What does febi mean?

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