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August 9, 2008 at 5:45 pm eben wen ai had mai big haus before ai downsizzled ai had lots ob plants in teh pots……can move em eeezy ai always werked…….. but ai nebber had teh kiddlets at home wif ter liddel birdie moufs open…… feed me…..feed me but ai finkso yew will enjoy gettin out n about……… den ai will retire an ai kin stay home sum wen aim not trabelin buyin beads, werkin on genealology, an meetin cheezpeeps. [reenkarnashun - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

Finally, since I'll often want to read the items more than the feed, I'll add a switch parameter to extract the articles. function Get-Feed ($feed = "*", $folder, [switch] $recurse, [switch] $articles) {if (!. [MSDN Blogs]

Whilte you are at it, you can also adjust the title feed if you want the web browser to say something other than "Blog Name RSS Feed.". []

The address of the feed is a function of the phone number you called from.. [Scripting News for 2/18/2008 « Scripting News Annex]

Subscribing to this feed is the digital equivalent of drinking from a fire-hose.. [SF/F Authors Piped!]

And of course, as Dave Winer says, the feed is the advertisement.. [Is Mike losing his Edgeio?]

High level knowledge workers in the future are likely to combine Monitor110 for what we call feed reading today with something like SystemOne for a CMS and Touchstone for alerts.. [A look inside the Monitor110 research suite]

We don’t use the term feed bag; that’s for horses!. [Blood Lite II: Overbite]

Sure, just to generally we want to keep this process tight with regulator, but the concern expressed by the German regulator revolved around two principle areas, one was the role that cable operators play in the large housing associations and the attempt to which cable operators might someday expand or extend their reach across orders into other territories where they don't operate today to provide more competition in that MDU or housing association market and the second concern was about the role we play and what they called the feed in market where our programmers are looking for distribution across our networks.. []

The owner of the video feed is known as a Customer.. [Boing Boing]

Though a small part of ExxonMobil's reserves the extension of life for such a mature oil feed is at least some evidence that new technologies can help push back the reckoning of the world's "peak oil" moment.. [Double, double, oil]

The J.Q. Adams Twitter feed is the project of the Massachusetts Historical Society, who retains possession of many of the Adams papers (from both President Adams) and a full set of original published diaries.. [Your History Moment: John Quincy Adams’ diary from the great hereafter « Third Point of Singularity]

Unfortunately it seems your RSS feed is broken right now, I was hoping to subscribe in order to see the next episode …. [sydneypadua.com » Blog Archive » Arty Boys]

Meanwhile Anjem Choudary can host a live feed from the Lebanon by Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad and himself say that As Muslims, we will not submit to any man-made law, any government, or any prime minister - Bush or Brown - or [to] Jacqui Smith.. [More on the banning of Geert Wilders (update)]

Still, to cart a case of boxed milk or a 100lb bag of hog feed is a bit much to ask of an 80 something year old in-law though that is EXACTLY what my father-in-law does if we aren't there to help.. [Page 3]

Gear6 has been guilty of many things lately – also stealing the “memcached” twitter feed from the Open Source community.. [Is Memcached a Good or Bad Sign for MySQL?]

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@LeeCamp: If we stopped putting so much money into weapons and instead used that money to feed, clothe, and educate EVERYONE in the worl…


@AlmeidaErike: não da pra mexer no Twitter quando você está fora de casa, tais lendo e vendo o feed aí do nada aparece putaria


@adamshapiro: Shout out to the people who posted photos to Instagram about 6 hours ago. I’ve been looking at them a lot and they’re grea…


@RexHuppke C'mon! That's just their resting "feed me" face!


people can feed their monitors and hold them cus they have Savanna, Mangrove, or Asian water monitors. Get a Nile m…

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