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Feudalism was a combination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries. Broadly defined, it was a way of structuring society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour. Although derived from the Latin word feodum or feudum (fief), then in use, the term feudalism and the system it describes were not conceived of as a formal political system by the people living in the Middle Ages. In its classic definition, by François-Louis Ganshof (1944), feudalism describes a set of reciprocal legal and military obligations among the warrior nobility revolving around the three key concepts of lords, vassals and fiefs.A broader definition of feudalism, as described by Marc Bloch (1939), includes not only the obligations of the warrior nobility but also those of all three estates of the realm: the nobility, the clergy, and the peasantry bound by manorialism; this is sometimes referred to as a "feudal society". Since the publication of Elizabeth A. R. Brown's "The Tyranny of a Construct" (1974) and Susan Reynolds's Fiefs and Vassals (1994), there has been ongoing inconclusive discussion among medieval historians as to whether feudalism is a useful construct for understanding medieval society..

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Definitions of "feodal"

  • Archaic form of feudal. adjective
  • Feudal. See feudal. adjective

The word "feodal" in example sentences

We must probably reject the suggested derivation of the word "feodal" from the. [Is Ulster Right?]

He passed for a promising, reliable young man un peu feodal dans ses opinions, as. [Virgin Soil]

* At Anet, a bronze stag, placed as a fountain in a large piece of water, was on the point of being demolished, because stags are beasts of chace, and hunting is a feodal privilege, and stags of course emblems of feodality.. [A Residence in France During the Years 1792, 1793, 1794 and 1795, Complete Described in a Series of Letters from an English Lady: with General and Incidental Remarks on the French Character and Manners]

Fiefs were an establishment of the Lombards, from whom the emperors of Germany, and the kings of France, borrowed this custom, and with it the feodal laws, of which no mention is made in the Routun code.. [The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Principal Saints January, February, March]

We are told, indeed, by Judge Blackstone, that after that event the ancient Saxon system of tenure was laid aside, and that the Normans, wherever they had lands granted to them, introduced the feodal system; and that at length it was adopted generally, and as constitutional, throughout the kingdom.. [John Keble's Parishes]

But however this point may really be, it appears evident that the tenants of this manor have, from the earliest times to which we have the means of resorting for information, enjoyed many unusual rights and immunities, and that their services were, in many respects, far from being so base and servile as those of the strictly feodal tenant.. [John Keble's Parishes]

He passed for a promising, reliable young man un peu feodal dans ses opinions, as Prince. [Virgin Soil]

A tract of country, which had been parcelled out among twenty-eight lords, now became subject to one; and all the intricacies of feodal dependence, all the rigours of feodal exaction, wardships, reliefs, escheats, &c., were introduced at once.. [Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2)]

The feodal discipline extended itself everywhere, and influenced the conduct of the courts and the manners of the people with its own irregular martial spirit.. [The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. 07 (of 12)]

These exist and have always existed under the principles of feodal tenure and succession, under imperial constitutions, grants and concessions of sovereigns, family compacts, and public treaties, made under the sanction, and some of them guarantied by the sovereign powers of other nations, and particularly the old government of France, the author and natural support of the Treaty of Westphalia.. [The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. 04 (of 12)]

Maklum, negara ini masih feodal, dokter 'kasta'nya masih di atas orangtua. [BananaTalk - Lita Mariana's Weblog]

It is well known that the government was feodal; that Spain enjoyed the protec - tion of its cortes; and that the power of the monarch was circumfcribed by laws.. [A journey through Spain in the years 1786 and 1787;]

In confl - ation of this fubmiflion, Mortogh gave him feodal fovereignty of all the ftatcs of Con - ight, excluding at the fame time from his ju - lidtion the territories of O Heyne and O Kelly,. [Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis]

{57b} Sir Martin Wright is of opinion that Domesday-Book was made soon after our ancestors had agreed to tenures, i.e. the feodal system of tenure, for the purpose of ascertaining each man's fee; and he supposes that as soon as the survey was completed, the great landholders of the kingdom were summoned to London and Sarum to do homage to the king for their landed possessions.. [John Keble's Parishes]

"Under the feodal system, the tenant originally held his lands entirely at the will of the lord, and at his death they reverted to the lord again.. [John Keble's Parishes]

"Females being heirs, or conveying feodal lordships to their husbands, had, as early as the thirteenth century, the privilege of armorial seals.. [Notes and Queries, Number 210, November 5, 1853 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.]

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