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Fertility is the natural capability to produce offspring. As a measure, fertility rate is the number of offspring born per mating pair, individual or population. Fertility differs from fecundity, which is defined as the potential for reproduction (influenced by gamete production, fertilization and carrying a pregnancy to term). A lack of fertility is infertility while a lack of fecundity would be called sterility. Human fertility depends on factors of nutrition, sexual behavior, consanguinity, culture, instinct, endocrinology, timing, economics, way of life, and emotions..

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Definitions of "fertile"

  • Biology Capable of initiating, sustaining, or supporting reproduction. adjective
  • Biology Capable of growing and developing; able to mature: a fertile egg. adjective
  • Botany Bearing functional reproductive structures such as seeds or fruit or material such as spores or pollen. adjective
  • Bearing or producing crops or vegetation abundantly; fruitful. adjective
  • Rich in material needed to sustain plant growth: fertile soil. adjective
  • Highly or continuously productive; prolific: a fertile imagination; a fertile source of new ideas. adjective
  • Physics Capable of producing fissionable material: fertile thorium 232. adjective
  • capable of growing abundant crops; productive adjective
  • capable of reproducing; fecund, fruitful adjective
  • capable of developing past the egg stage adjective
  • productive or prolific adjective
  • Producing fruit or vegetation in abundance; fruitful; able to produce abundantly; prolific; fecund; productive; rich; inventive adjective
  • adjective
  • Capable of producing fruit; fruit-bearing. adjective
  • Containing pollen; -- said of anthers. adjective
  • produced in abundance; plenteous; ample. adjective
  • Bearing or producing abundantly, as of vegetable growth, and sometimes of offspring; productive; fruitful: with of or in before the thing produced: as,fertile soil; a fertile breed of animals; a land fertile of wheat, or fertile in soldiers as well as supplies.
  • Productive mentally; fruitful in intellectual activity; inventive; ingenious: as, a fertile brain or imagination; a mind fertile in resources.
  • In bot.:

The word "fertile" in example sentences

Flawed like all of us, he is a full human being, rich and fertile from the inside out.. [David Brooks Thanks Rahm Emanuel For All The Phone Calls]

"But by rotating pineapple and Brachiaria grasses, we have increased its fertility so much that it allows us to have these grasses only seen in fertile lands.". [Special Grass for Livestock Could Cut Greenhouse Gases]

Long term opportunities are sewn in fertile ground through the opposition of the public to righteous men.. [Horoscope for the week of April 6, 2008]

The bat on the Bacardi symbol is there because the soil where the sugar cane grows is fertile from the excessive guano (bat droppings.). [21 Amazing Facts About Nintendo]

Old Father Nile, after emerging from this Lake, travels 2,000 miles down the valley, through the Sudan into Egypt, till he empties his waters incomparably rich in fertile ingredients into the Mediterranean.. [The Cape to Cairo Railway and River Route]

She went with John Pringle after posts and helped him fence certain fertile slopes and hollows for winter grazing.. [The Ranch at the Wolverine]

This last they described as fertile, well wooded, producing agreeable fruits, and particularly grapes, a fruit with which they were unacquainted.. [The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus]

Even in fertile Asia, and in the most ancient times, gleaning was a common practice.. [Rural Hours]

Washoe County is a swing area in general elections and is often described as fertile ground for retail, New Hampshire-style politicking.. [NYT > Home Page]

This undulating ground is sometimes called the fertile plain of El-Jumr.. [Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846]

Still it is doubtful whether a soil can be called fertile which is incapable of producing the best kinds of cereals.. [The Golden Chersonese and the way thither]

Florida State and Florida for top talent in fertile South Florida, including defensive backs Devin Hester of Suncoast (Riviera Beach) and Glenn Sharpe of. [USATODAY.com - Longhorns No. 1 in prep recruits]

Any student of history knows this ancient battle ground called the fertile Cresent.. [Taking sides: Are you for Hamas or the Jews? | ultraorange.net]

The isotopes, U-235, U-233, and Pu-239, are known accordingly as fissionable or fuel materials; whereas U-238 and Th-232, while not themselves fissionable, can be converted into fissionable isotopes and so are known as fertile materials.. [Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels (historical)]

The first known instance of farming started in a region extending from southeastern Turkey to western Iran, known as the fertile crescent.. [AP Environmental Science Chapter 6- History and Global Distribution]

Egypt, mother of men of an older time, was called the fertile. [The Argonautica]

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TurkishFertile English to Turkish Translate
(s). verimli, mümbit, bereketli; (biyol). üreyebilen; doğurgan. fertil'ity (i). verimlilik, mümbitlik, bereket; üreyebilme; doğurganlık.(s). verimli, mümbit, bereketli; (biyol). üreyebilen; doğurgan. fertil'ity (i). verimlilik, mümbitlik, bereket; üreyebilme; doğurganlık.

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  • Pronunciations(fûrˈtl)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation fer tile


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