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Definitions of "fiber"

  • A slender, elongated, threadlike object or structure. noun
  • Botany One of the elongated, thick-walled cells that give strength and support to plant tissue. noun
  • Anatomy Any of the filaments constituting the extracellular matrix of connective tissue. noun
  • Anatomy Any of various elongated cells or threadlike structures, especially a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber. noun
  • A natural or synthetic filament, as of cotton or nylon, capable of being spun into yarn. noun
  • Material made of such filaments. noun
  • Something that provides substance or texture. noun
  • Essential character: "stirred the deeper fibers of my nature” ( Oscar Wilde). noun
  • Basic strength or toughness; fortitude: lacking in moral fiber. noun
  • Coarse, indigestible plant matter, consisting primarily of polysaccharides such as cellulose, that when eaten stimulates intestinal peristalsis. Also called bulk, roughage. noun
  • A single elongated piece of a given material, roughly round in cross-section, often twisted with other fibers to form thread. noun
  • A material in the form of fibers. noun
  • A material whose length is at least 1000 times its width. noun
  • Dietary fiber. noun
  • Moral strength and resolve. noun
  • The preimage of a given point in the range of a map. noun
  • A kind of lightweight thread of execution. noun
  • One of the delicate, threadlike portions of which the tissues of plants and animals are in part constituted. noun
  • Any fine, slender thread, or threadlike substance; ; especially, one of the slender rootlets of a plant. noun

The word "fiber" in example sentences

But we have what we call a fiber hook-up and we literally take a plug, put it into the wall and it allows us to transmit live pretty much no matter how strong the winds are.. [CNN Transcript Oct 24, 2005]

Our enterprise business which we define as a fiber based bandwidth contracts with large customers continues to perform well with annual revenue gross in excess of 35%.. [Media Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha]

The fiber is played by probiotics is in the colon, which in fermentation.. [Hurst Kevin | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

Thus this type of sail would be more of a film than a foil and aluminum sheets would probably have to be sandwiched and glued between a mesh (perhaps made of ultrathin fiber glass threads) before being rigged to a huge but extremely thin solid metal framework.. [Reader's Consensus: Develop a new launch vehicle - NASA Watch]

Most of the meals are relatively high in fiber and low in saturated (animal) fat.. [Easy, low-calorie recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks]

However telecable's closest actual optical cable/fiber is around 1 Kilometer from my house.. [DSL / Cable / Wireless connection in Morelia, Michocan]

Teleportation over distances of a few hundred meters has previously only been accomplished with the photons traveling in fiber channels to help preserve their state.. [Teleportation Achieved Over 10 Miles | Impact Lab]

I'd go with any ajustable single pin fiber optic sight ... preferably with a light for those early and late shots.. [We all know there are tons of different sights out there, What's your preference?]

In 1966, Charles K. Kao made a discovery that led to a breakthrough in fiber optics.. [The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics - Press Release]

Your accesories should include a whisker biscuit arrow rest, a Sim's S-coil stabilizer, some kind of 3 or 4-pin fiber-optic sight (like the TruGlo Brite-Site Xtreme), a peep sight, string silencers (the Razor Edge already has them), a mechanical release (I recommend a Scott), and a good bow sling (they help you to hold your bow after the shot.). [I'm just getting in to bow hunting this year and am looking for a bow that has a draw weight of about 35 lbs.]

That amount of fiber is bound to make us bat -- uhh -- nevermind.. [Today's Quiz: Are You Batshit Crazy?]

Edamames are rich in fiber and protein and, like all soybeans, may have significant health benefits.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

Carbon fiber is not necessarily a good material for something that is designed to take impact loading without failure.. [Arai Corsair V RC: F1 tech for motorcycles - Hell For Leather]

With annual revenue of about $14 million a year, Galitz emphasizes that fiber is a big investment for his tiny ISP.. [How the Stimulus Package Fails Rural Broadband]

Tonight at the climbing gym while I was waiting for the The Jeff, I had my spinning out and was playing with it (the current fiber is some pewter-black alpaca I love for its long staple length, and because it's the exact same color as my dog) when one of the other climber girls (We'll call her Kate, because that's her name, unless it's Cait or Cate) came up and said "OMG you spin!". [and i fall]

Acrylic, also known as Acrylic fiber, is a synthetic fabric that was created as an alternative to wool and it has begun seeing use as an alternative to cashmere.. [Decorating White Spaces by Adding a Delicate Touch of Color]

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