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    We lie on this fide, my Jord; and the counfel of the other part faid, And we lie on this fide* — -. [Sporting Magazine]

    _securing the bonâ fide intention_ of America, to prevent her citizens from trading with France and certain other Powers; in other words to secure a pledge to that effect against the _malâ fide_ intention of the United States.. [Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812 Volume 1]

    9S6 DRYDEN'S VIKGIU Thus marching on, in miKtary pride, 72J Shouts of applaufe refound from fide to fide*. [The works of the English poets. With prefaces, biographical and critical, by S. Johnson]

    The fame afternoon, our fhip being entered the gulph between cape Cafwina and the ifle of Mangera, came to an anchor on the call fide, near the ifle of Ama - palla.. [A new collection of voyages, discoveries and travels : containing whatever is worthy of notice, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America]

    349A: "Alias injuste ageretur cum parvulis, cum non habeant liberum velle vel nolle, si baptismi sacramentum in fide aliorum eis prodesse non posset." back. [A Tender Age: Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries]

    This is the linguistic root of the term — faith coming from the Latin fide — so it’s not really surprising, but essentially what we’re dealing with in faith is not simply belief, but belief bound to loyalty, perhaps even belief bound by loyalty.. [Archive 2008-12-01]

    But the reality of original sin must all the same be affirmed as de fide, which is indeed part of the truth conveyed by the theologically reworked myths recorded in Genesis 1 and 2.. [Archive 2007-12-01]

    Batavia has five gates; one at the eaft fide, which is called the Rotterdam gate; two to the fouth, the New gate, and the Dieft gate; one to the weft, the Utrecht gate; aud one on the north fide, to the weft of the river, called the Square gate.. [Voyages and TRavels in All Parts of the World]

    The entrance into it was by a low gate on the W. fide, which is yet Hand - ing.. [Topographia hibernica : or The topography ofIreland, antient and modern. Giving a complete view of the civil and ecclesiastical state of that kingdom; with its antiquities, natural curiosities, trade, manufactures, extent and population]

    IS determining, ipftead of doubting: and determining on the fide, that is not only prejudicial to all around them, but dan - gerous to themfelves.. [The Works of Thomas Secker]

    On the fide is the door, and in the fpace between that and the oiher end of the houfc, in the center, towards the left hand,. [A Collection of voyages round the world [microform] : performed by royal authority : containing a complete historical account of Captain Cook's first, second, third and last voyages, undertaken for making new discoveries, &c. ... to which are added genuine narratives of other voyages of discovery round the world, &c. viz. those of Lord Byron, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Carteret, Lord Mulgrave, Lord Anson, Mr. Parkinson, Capt. Lutwidge, Mess. Ives, Middleton, Smith, &c. &c. ... being the most elegant and perfect work of the kind]

    A traveller in paffing thro 'lake Champlain, is rather diflrefled, when he lands, with the variety ll, i} variety of currency in the country; for on the Canada end of the lake the dollar is valued at five (hillings; on the North fide, which is in the ftateof New York, it is reckoned at ci? ht fhillings i and on the South fide, which is in the ilate of Vermont, at jQx fhillings.. [The present state of Hudson's Bay [microform] : containing a full description of that settlement, and the adjacent country, and likewise of the fur trade, with hints for its improvement, &c. &c. : to which are added, remarks and observations made in the inland parts, during a residence of nearly four years, a specimen of five Indian languages, and a journal of a journey from Montreal to New York]

    A bona fide close encounter with sacred mystery is a near-life experience!. [The Bushman Way of Tracking God]

    Historians estimate that women consumed from one-eighth to one-quarter of the spirituous liquor in early America, and early temperance organizations claimed that one hundred thousand women were bona fide “drunkards.”. [A Renegade History of the United States]

    Nor, despite similar efforts, could any bona fide buyers be found.. [Auto Bailout Was a Bargain for Taxpayers, Economy]

    Of the 426 boys who played baseball for Coach at Palace Valley High, 47 had gone on to play in college or junior college, six were drafted by big league teams right out of high school, ten saw action in the minor leagues, three made it to the majors, and one became a bona fide big league superstar.. [Parents Behaving Badly]

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