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Definitions of "field"

  • A broad, level, open expanse of land. noun
  • A meadow: a field of buttercups. noun
  • A cultivated expanse of land, especially one devoted to a particular crop: a field of corn. noun
  • A portion of land or a geologic formation containing a specified natural resource. noun
  • A wide unbroken expanse, as of ice. noun
  • A battleground. noun
  • A battle. noun
  • The scene or an area of military operations or maneuvers. noun
  • A military area away from headquarters. noun
  • A background area, as on a flag, painting, or coin: a blue insignia on a field of red. noun
  • Heraldry The background of a shield or one of the divisions of the background. noun
  • Sports An area in which an athletic event takes place, especially the area inside or near to a running track, where field events are held. noun
  • Sports The portion of a playing field having specific dimensions on which the action of a game takes place. noun
  • Sports All the contestants or participants in an event, especially all the contestants except the favorite or the winner in a contest of more than two. noun
  • Sports The members of a team engaged in active play. noun
  • Sports The body of riders following a pack of hounds in hunting. noun
  • An area of human activity or interest: several fields of endeavor. noun
  • A topic, subject, or area of academic interest or specialization. noun
  • Profession, employment, or business. noun

The word "field" in example sentences

Thus, if the tincture of the field should occur a second time, reference is made to it in the formula -- “_of the field_:” or, perhaps more frequently -- “_of the first_;” or, if the tincture that is named second in order in the blazoning be repeated, it is indicated by the expression -- “_of the second_;” and so on.. [The Handbook to English Heraldry]

Btw, if the bean fields start with a leading '_', ain´t using this. _field = field kinda superfluous?. [Netvouz - new bookmarks]

Exogenous homeopathic effects • All these technologies, used as sources of artificial or natural EI, can influence the state of the \ "life field" by resonance, • (human) bioluminescence has all the properties of the \ "cosmic EI field\". • interference established between the bioluminescent field of the body / organ / cell tissue and the induced stimuli of the. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

StringSplit, Field, A_LoopReadLine, `, field = % field%; clears all unicode characters. [AutoHotkey Community]

* - $field - > handler: The Views field handler object controlling this field.. [Group 42 - Comments]

* - $field - > inline: Whether or not the field should be inline.. [Group 42 - Comments]

* - $field - > raw: The raw data for the field, if it exists.. [Group 42 - Comments]

* - $field - > separator: an optional separator that may appear before a field.. [Group 42 - Comments]

I find you in anyone else's field: _but I will not give you a field_. ". [Eugenics and Other Evils]

What could they want with a field -- _a field_ -- of pumpkins? ". [The Brass Bound Box]

To use a different template for just one field of a form, pass the template name as an argument: echo $f-field ($field, array ( 'class' = 'foo'),. [FossPlanet]

The term field in this context should not be confused with the algebraic concept of field, which is a set of numbers (most often real or complex numbers).. [Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]]

If I remove the reference to a label field from the code-behind, the entry in the "error" pane goes away, thereby showing the error pane is being rebuilt.. [ASP.NET Forums]

One of my favorites; "hunting over a food plot or grain field is different!". [Seven Reasons to Stop Baiting Whitetails Now]

But Congress rushed it through so quickly that apparently no on had time to fill in the title field at the top of the Microsoft Word bill template.. [Opening Panel Round]

We really should petition Blogger to include the title field in the spell check!. [Sunday Sweets Assignment]

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