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Definitions of "fifth"

  • The ordinal number matching the number five in a series. noun
  • One of five equal parts. noun
  • One fifth of a gallon or four fifths of a quart of liquor. noun
  • Music A tone five degrees above or below a given tone in a diatonic scale. noun
  • Music The interval between two such tones. noun
  • Music The harmonic combination of two such tones. noun
  • Music The dominant of a scale or key. noun
  • The Fifth Amendment. Used with the. noun
  • The ordinal form of the number five. adjective
  • The person or thing in the fifth position. noun
  • One of five equal parts of a whole. noun
  • The fifth gear of an engine. noun
  • A quantity of liquor equal to one-fifth of a gallon, or, more commonly, 750 milliliters. noun
  • The musical interval between one note and another five tones higher. noun
  • The fifth voice in a polyphonic melody. noun
  • Next in order after the fourth; -- the ordinal of five. adjective
  • Consisting of one of five equal divisions of a thing. adjective
  • The quotient of a unit divided by five; one of five equal parts; a fifth part. noun
  • The interval of three tones and a semitone, embracing five diatonic degrees of the scale; the dominant of any key. noun

The word "fifth" in example sentences

Why are four of the stars one color, while the fifth is a different color?. [2008/09 Brazil national home kits]

Four of the seats in question are currently held by Democratic incumbents, fighting off Republican challengers; the fifth is the open seat in Chicago's north suburbs vacated by Republican Mark Kirk, who is running for U.S. Senate.. [Democrats Dump Cash Into Illinois Congressional Races, Halvorson And Bean Get None]

I wrote full time for several years (I have published four novels in the UK and my fifth is about to be submitted) having written my first two and half novels while working full-time as an attorney.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » 6 tricks for writing when you don’t feel like it]

It was what they called a fifth-wheeler, something Harris had gotten using his mother's last $3,000.. [Snow Bird]

You can't go wrong with these books -- or at least the four that I've read -- the fifth is a Ken Bruen about which I constantly hear such good things that I'm sure it deserves its place in this pantheon.. [January 2008]

The interval named a fifth is produced when a string is divided by three, and so on.. [Did you know? Mexico's Nobel Prize nominee and music revolutionary]

"If I'm asked who the best five receivers are, I'll talk about five guys and maybe the fifth is the guy we're interested in.". [Secrecy, gamesmanship dominate NFL draft ploys]

So as a result of that I ended up being what we call a fifth-year senior, and completed everything for graduation except French in four years and so I had to stay a fifth year just trying to pass French.. [Oral History Interview with Brenda Tapia, February 2, 2001. Interview K-0476. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)]

For the Huichol, there are five directions, each of the cardinal points and the fifth is the spiritual, source of visions, power and enlightenment.. [Huichol Indians: their art and symbols]

But demographer Mikhail Denisenko at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow estimates that at least a half million Russians moved abroad in 2002-2009 and more are on the way in what he describes as the fifth wave of emigration since the beginning of the 20th century.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

The question to Green, the Aussie who made the tournament his first PGA Tour win last year, and to Weir, the Canadian who would love to win his national championship, which he calls his fifth major, was about the field.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

Michael Copeland and Om Malik have an interesting article on what they call the fifth wave of computing in the new issue of Business 2.0.. [Tech Beat - BusinessWeek]

I'm glad that they weren't that strict when i was in fifth grade. i cut out a secret santa box for the gift, and wrapped up the box knife in there on accident.. [School Suspends Six-Year-Old Boy For Bringing Folding Silverware to Lunch]

Capitalism first and people fifth, is the rallying cry of those purveyor of virtues and godlessness, the insurance industry.. [New $2 million health care ad campaign unveiled]

Where were you all when we were getting made fun of in fifth grade for toting around the (original covers, far superior!). [Fursplosion]

Her older son is 16 and a high school junior; her younger son is 11 and in fifth grade.. [It's cooler than ever to be a tween, but is childhood lost?]

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