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Definitions of "fig"

  • Any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Ficus, especially F. carica, native to the Mediterranean region and widely cultivated for its edible multiple fruit. noun
  • The sweet, hollow, pear-shaped, multiple fruit of this plant, having numerous tiny seedlike fruits. noun
  • Any of several plants bearing similar fruit. noun
  • The fruit of such a plant. noun
  • A trivial or contemptible amount: not worth a fig; didn't care a fig. noun
  • Dress; array: in full fig. noun
  • Physical condition; shape: in fine fig. noun
  • A fruit-bearing tree or shrub of the genus Ficus that is native mainly to the tropics. noun
  • The fruit of the fig tree, pear-shaped and containing many small seeds. noun
  • Abbreviation of figure (diagram or illustration). noun
  • To move suddenly or quickly; rove about. verb
  • A small fruit tree (Ficus Carica) with large leaves, known from the remotest antiquity. It was probably native from Syria westward to the Canary Islands. noun
  • The fruit of a fig tree, which is of round or oblong shape, and of various colors. noun
  • A small piece of tobacco. noun
  • The value of a fig, practically nothing; a fico; -- used in scorn or contempt. noun
  • Figure; dress; array. noun
  • To insult with a fico, or contemptuous motion. See fico. verb-transitive
  • To put into the head of, as something useless o� contemptible. verb-transitive
  • To move suddenly or quickly; rove about.

The word "fig" in example sentences

Consequently, all _goats_ were driven from the banks of this river; but one day, Theŏclos observed that the branches of a fig tree bent into the stream, and it immediately flashed into his mind that the Messenian word for _fig tree_ and _goat_ was the same.. [Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook, Vol. 3]

Paul Barr conversed with my father, laying down the law in his most superb fashion regarding the immense fortune in store for any one who would start what he called a fig farm in this country.. [A Romantic Young Lady]

A ripe fig is slightly soft and gives under light pressure.. [What are figs? | Baking Bites]

Consider low-fat vanilla yogurt with berries, whole-grain fig cookies and fat-free chocolate pudding.. [Kid-friendly diet helps fight childhood obesity at home]

Looking at the bigger connections for frequency and duration in fig 14a, b: ie Germany/Turkey, Russia/Azerbaijan, Morocco/France.. [Who actually has 600 buddies? « Imaginary Potential]

Apparently the mistletoe fig is a slow grower, but I have time.. [Pixel-stained technopeasant wretch]

The mulberry produces a whitish paper, while that of the fig is dark.. [The Mexican art forms of ristras, papel amate and papel picado]

A recent thread over on Hit and Run drove home the point that a lot of people think complaints about DRM and policies like the broadcast flag come down to thin fig leaves for a desire to pirate music.. [The Pragmatics of Crappy DRM]

She would bring them herself, and have a slice of galette or a fig from the big basketful with them.. [A Childhood in Brittany Eighty Years Ago]

And seeing a fig tree -- (In Mt 21: 19, it is "one fig tree," but the sense is the same as here, "a certain fig tree," as in Mt 8: 19, &c.).. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

He also had the Pope try a fruit called fig of Nazareth and thanked him for his words on the Holocaust.. [ - Articles related to Turkey and Israel meet secretly: Has reason returned?]

Pope try a fruit called fig of Nazareth and thanked him for his words on the Holocaust.. [ - Articles related to Turkey and Israel meet secretly: Has reason returned?]

Star Wars Electronic Naboo Fighter Game with Anakin fig. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 5930]

The liberals you’re trying to impress simply need some thin fig leaf to grab on to and hide behind.. [Alas, I am *not* writing for the Washington Post now. | RedState]

While you can filter searches by manufacturer if you set up a custom product category, you have to do it using the interface shown in fig. 2.. [Gazaro Rates Gadget Sales Based On Historical Price Data - The Consumerist]

Indeed, their affordable housing mission was once described as a fig leaf to hide their financing of subprime loans.. [Many Groups Had a Hand in Causing Housing Crisis]

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