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  • Plural form of filmstar. noun

The word "filmstars" in example sentences

Dharmendra and Akhilesh should explain why they call filmstars to their. [Daily News & Analysis]

Today, it's the world famous football players, filmstars and pop singers who have to fend off intrusions into their lives.. [Rockstar vs Daily Star: a landmark moment in games coverage?]

The filmstars, the corporates everyone want security but the politicians who enjoy z - security themselves are unwilling to assure anyone.. [Indian Government: We Will Not Declare War on Pakistan]

Cafe has been set up at Sundance to grab podcasts with any peckish filmstars that swing past.. [Special Howard Stern Webcast Rocking Your World Tomorrow]

Beside this assembly of ham-fisted provincial gentry, Teddy, with his black hair, filmstars moustache and American suit, seemed immeasurably suave.. [Kate Morton Ebook Collection]

However, the recruitment of Sadie Frost shows a new PETA tactic – hiring women who are sort of well-known for being married to rubbish filmstars to take their clothes off to promote PETA even though anyone who's seen the godawful 1997 movie Flypaper has seen it all anyway.. [Eva Mendes Gets Naked For The Animals]

When America does awards ceremonies, they are huge, brash affairs in giant golden palaces attended by all the filmstars in the universe.. [More Awards Guff – Brokeback Mountain Wins PGA Prize]

And that leaves just coathangers, test tubes and Grace from Big Brother as potential subjects that Pixar can human up a bit and turn into filmstars.. [Cars Vroom Vroom Honk Honks US Weekend Box Office]

But all is not lost – because now Jennifer Aniston has started bitching and complaining about Friends, the sitcom that made her famous, rich and attractive to A list filmstars.. [Vince Vaughn In Cheaty Aniston Lawsuit Rumble]

Bollywood filmstars nude nude, Bollywood filmstars nude and Bollywood. [Think Progress » The New Three-Legged Stool]

Nell McAndrew (DVDs) and Jennifer Ellison (DVDs) have dressed up as iconic filmstars for the charity campaign, by wearing stinking trainers instead of classy high-heels.. [Elton John Flogs His Threads For Charity]

Advertisers have started to use the technology to overlay still adds with moving images, like filmstars popping up on your phone screen with a scene from the latest movie when you point to the magazine cover with your phone.. []

I don't agree when people say that filmstars cannot be good friends.. []

Telugu filmstars competing with bad part of bwood 2, eh. [Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7]

Sri Prakash Jaiswal, the Union minister of state for home, confirmed that Bollywood filmstars Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Govinda and Nagma will campaign for the party and will participate in rallies and roadshows.. [ - Financial News]

The bungalow is bang in the middle of the calm and tony Pali Hill in Mumbai's western suburb of Bandra, where some of the leading filmstars live and Dilip Kumar happens to be one of his neighbours.. [The Times of India]

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