Definitions and meanings of "Fine"

What do we mean by fine?

A sum of money required to be paid especially to the government as a penalty for an offense. noun

An end; a termination. noun

To require the payment of a fine from; impose a fine on. transitive verb

(in fine) In conclusion; finally. idiom

(in fine) In summation; in brief. idiom

Of superior quality, skill, or appearance. adjective

Excellent in character or ability. adjective

Very small in size, weight, or thickness. adjective

Free from impurities. adjective

Containing pure metal in a specified proportion or amount. adjective

Very sharp; keen. adjective

Thin; slender. adjective

Carefully or delicately made or done: synonym: exquisite. adjective

Consisting of very small particles; not coarse. adjective

Marginally different or subtle. adjective

Able to make or detect effects of great subtlety or precision; sensitive. adjective

Trained to the highest degree of physical efficiency. adjective

Fine champagne; French brandy.

(usually in the plural) Something that is fine; fine particles.

Looking good in every kind of way  Urban Dictionary

A word to use when you're depressed but you don't want to worry another person. You end up worrying them anyway, though.  Urban Dictionary

Sexy, beautiful, very attractive, gorgeous  Urban Dictionary

"I'm really not doing that great at all but i don't want to say it out loud so I will tell you that I am a word that in the dictionary means "ok" but if you understand the actual meaning of this word you will know i am speaking in code and i am trying to tell you that i am anything but "fine""  Urban Dictionary

Not fine.  Urban Dictionary

Good looking or hot  Urban Dictionary

Hot, Attractive, Nice Body, Beautiful  Urban Dictionary

Fuck off and die used when a girl wants to end a conversation. she doesn't want to talk to you anymore and is annoyed.  Urban Dictionary

The highest possible complement to someone's physical appearance. On a scale of attractiveness, starting at 'hideous', 'fine' is here: hideous - ugly - plain- decent- average -alright - pretty- beautiful -geourgous - hot - damn hot - really hot - rediculously hot - fine  Urban Dictionary

Good looking  Urban Dictionary

The word "fine" in example sentences

How to use fine in a sentence? Example sentences with the fine, a sentence example for fine, and how to make fine in sample sentence, how do I use the word fine in a sentence? How do you spell fine in a sentence?

"The war is fine, _fine_, FINE, though I don't get near the fineness except in the pages of _Punch_."   ❋ Various (N/A)

"Oh, fine, _fine_!" murmured one of the Lockwood twins.   ❋ Gertrude W. Morrison (N/A)

The train of reasoning which led them to justify the imposition of a fine was somewhat in this wise: To _impose a fine_ would be to take blood-money, and would be immoral and iniquitous: to _accept the offer of a present_ on condition that the sentence should be entirely remitted however would be quite another thing.   ❋ Unknown (1896)

_Avoir beau_ + infinitive is ironical, and elliptical for _avoir beau temps pour_, i.e. to have a fine opportunity, but to no purpose; cf. the English ‘it is all very _fine_ for you to tell him.’   ❋ Alphonse Daudet (1868)

He was not a turner of fine periods -- he was not a _fine writer_ -- but he wrote with strength, precision, and lucidity; and his compositions, even where they failed to produce conviction, could never be read without creating respect for the masculine talents of their author ......   ❋ Ferdinand Brock Tupper (1834)

AND [fine] = @original_fine CREATE PROCEDURE bit, @fine money As INSERT INTO   ❋ Unknown (2009)

& amabimus; amabimus, & laudabimus. £cce, duod ericinfine fine fine* Nam quis alius nofter eft nnis » nifi per venire ad Regnum, cu jus nullus eft finis „, » t Hiic JanStis AugufiinHS libro 22. de Civitate Det f capite ultitno.,   ❋ Unknown (1768)

I was drawin 'fine -- _fine_, I tell you, and I couldn't miss. "   ❋ Henry Herbert Knibbs (1909)

The term fine arts is equivalent to the older French term beaux arts, meaning “beautiful arts.   ❋ Unknown (2002)

Their action was intended as a play on the word "almond" in French - amande, which is close to the word "fine" - amende.   ❋ Angelique Chrisafis (2011)

The paragraph I've quoted above concludes with the observation that "The story of the severance and final sharp opposition of the useful and the fine is the history of that industrial development through which so much of production has become a form of postponed living and so much of consumption a superimposed enjoyment of the fruits of the labor of others."   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Justice Department lawyers argue that the fine is a tax, which Congress can impose under its constitutional taxing authority.   ❋ Rosalind S. Helderman (2010)

But Cuccinelli said in his statement that judge spent 20 pages of Thursday's ruling determining the fine is a penalty instead of a tax.   ❋ Rosalind Helderman (2010)

I checked the B.C. fines on motor vehicles and my fine is the most excessive short of driving without a lisence!!   ❋ Unknown (2008)

As you know, on Friday there were a lot of rumors down in Miami, it was reported by local affiliates there that Fidel Castro had potentially died, and the Cuban government eventually denied it and said he was still in what they called fine health.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

Now this , for example, is what I call a fine analysis of the trend in fertilizer use in Sub-Saharan Africa.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

ROGER LAMONI, NOAA FIRE WEATHER EXPERT: That portion of California has a fairly large amount of what we call fine fuels.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

The White House today defended Rumsfeld and insisted he's doing what they called a fine job.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

Damn that girl fine! ❋ D#!!!80!!! (2008)

Friend: Are you okay? You: I'm fine. Friend: ...okay. **worries silently** ❋ Fineperson (2010)

LaDonna is definitely fine ❋ Alex (2004)

"How are you doing?" "I am {not} fine." ❋ Caelloki (2007)

Guy: Hi hun, how are you? You're not still mad about this morning, right? Girl: No. It's Fine. ❋ Kyle (2004)

Juan is a fine looking man. ❋ Stacy (2004)

That girl is fine as hell, man! I would tap that! Damn! Look at that fine ass! ❋ Playboy Tapper (2007)

Boy: crap crap crap lie lie lie girl: fine! ❋ Cute Girl (2005)

The guy we just walked by was so fine that my knees buckled and I felt dizzy and my belief in God was renewed and I was so wet I quivered and the shape of his jaw will haunt me forever. ❋ Camiro (2005)

She's got one real fine ass ❋ Dawn (2002)

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