Character 5
Hyphenation flash
Pronunciations /flæʃ/

Definitions and meanings of "Flash"

What do we mean by flash?

To burst forth into or as if into flame. intransitive verb

To give off light or be lighted in sudden or intermittent bursts. intransitive verb

To appear or occur suddenly. intransitive verb

To move or proceed rapidly. intransitive verb

To hang up a phone line momentarily, as when using call waiting. intransitive verb

To think of or remember something suddenly. intransitive verb

To expose oneself in an indecent manner. intransitive verb

To cause (light) to appear suddenly or in intermittent bursts. intransitive verb

To cause to burst into flame. intransitive verb

To reflect (light). intransitive verb

To cause to reflect light from (a surface). intransitive verb

To make known or signal by flashing lights. intransitive verb

To communicate or display at great speed. intransitive verb

To exhibit briefly. intransitive verb

To hang up (a phone line) momentarily, as when using call waiting. intransitive verb

To display ostentatiously; flaunt. intransitive verb

To fill suddenly with water. intransitive verb

To cover with a thin protective layer. intransitive verb

A sudden, brief, intense display of light. noun

A device that produces a short flash of light to help illuminate a scene, mostly for night-time or indoors photography.

To show an "inappropriate" body part by quickly moving a object or artical of clothing out of the way then back "flashing" the part at somone Urban Dictionary

To lose control and attack someone Urban Dictionary

Adj; showey. ostentatious. Urban Dictionary

Pre-drawn designs for tattoos. Urban Dictionary

1. to erupt in physical violence against another which is out of control and fierce. 2. to suddenly become outrageously profound and irate in an arguement which causes the other person to react in either submission or escalation. 3. an old game where a kid gets to slap the back of a hand of another kid who has accidentally just said a word that they didn't mean to say. Urban Dictionary

Uncommon usage, technical jargon, verb, meaning 'to erase'. Comes from 'eeproms' (Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory) units in days of yore which were 'flashed' so they could be written on again. Typically, a computer geek would understand this usage. Urban Dictionary

Looking extremely good or well dressed, equivalent to bawlin or pimpin Urban Dictionary

To suddenly go from a fine demeanor to an aggressive/hostile one Urban Dictionary

Dwyane Wade's nickname, courtesy of Shaq. Urban Dictionary

The largest source for web site based computer viruses. Flash is also one of the most hated things by surfers. Surfers always want HTML first and formost without all the intro show of flash. Most computer security minded people uninstall Macromedia and/or Flash plugins to keep their browser running better and virus free. Don't belive it?? Create two versions of your website. On your Flash into, but a skip button that takes them to the HTML version. After a couple of months, check which page counter is higher. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Flash

The word "flash" in example sentences

Aye! yet something whispered that the flash carried a meaning, was, indeed, a spark from that mightier _flash of arms_ that would, ere long, blaze out at the very mention of that name. ❋ Various (1888)

Now the darkness was cut by a bright flash of light right in front; there was the sharp crack of a rifle, and right and left _flash, crack, flash, crack_, ran along a line. ❋ George Manville Fenn (1870)

The report of the rifle was magical in its effect upon the Basuto ponies, each rearing up on its hind legs and striking out with its forefeet; but the same punishment was meted out by the riders -- namely, a sharp tap between the ears with the barrels of the rifles -- and the result was that beyond fidgeting they stood fairly still, while _flash, flash, flash_, three more shots were fired. ❋ George Manville Fenn (1870)

Flash Mode: flash off ,flash on,flash auto, illumination Auto ❋ Unknown (2010)

$SID. = '& flash ='. $flash; if (is_array ($_EXTRA_URL)) $_EXTRA_URL [] = 'flash ='. $flash; else ❋ Unknown (2010)

Big in movement and expression it must be, depending for effect not on words but on the revealing flash; it must be the summit of the action; it must be the event toward which the entire movement has been rising; it must be the fulfillment of what was foreshadowed; it must be keen, quick, perfectly logical and _flash_ the illuminating revelation, as if one would say, "Here, this is what I've kept you waiting for -- my whole reason for being." ❋ Brett Page (N/A)

Now, when you see or hear the term "flash mob," a scary image comes to mind: a large group of black teenage boys who appear out of nowhere to commit crimes. ❋ Zack Isaacs (2011)

JACKI LYDEN, host: You've heard the term flash mobs. ❋ Unknown (2011)

For just a second, before I remembered, my heart had leapt up when I saw his name flash on my caller ID. ❋ SARAH PEKKANEN (2010)

Although you may be slightly confused about the reference to the term flash and perhaps think it has moving parts, flash drives have “no” moving parts. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The advantage of building website in flash is that one gets attractive designs, rich graphics, animations, dynamic content & easy navigation. ❋ Unknown (2005)

I knew trouble had found Danny in Key West when I saw his name flash on my cell phone just as I was about to polka Shrimp home and ring in the New Year with him properly. ❋ Rachel Cohn (2007)

In Washington, it caused various event to get suddenly get flooded, giving new meaning to the term flash floods. ❋ Unknown (2006)

And every -- you know Saddam always gets that pen out of his pocket, so you can see the label flash when the camera zooms in. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Hirscheider had never heard the term flash mob until this week's disruption at the zoo. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[dude], she [just] [flashed] you! ❋ Chirs Stage (2005)

Man,[ease up] homie, I will [flash on] [yo ass]! ❋ Mark (2004)

[Mo fo] think he flash as a rat with [a gold] [tooth]. ❋ Herbie (2004)

I was [looking for] flash of [a shark]. ❋ Octopod (2004)

We were all [just chill'n] and then [all of a sudden] these girls got to [flash'n] at the bar. 2.Jimmy- "Hey Timmy, did you see that cock? (laughs)...I mean cop!" Timmy- "Alright there Jimmy, let me get my flash" *slap* ❋ Sancho82 (2009)

PC Onwer: "So, should I through my [broken computer] in the trash?" [Technician]: "Make sure you flash the drive first, for security reasons." PC Onwer: "WTF?" Tech: "Uhh...[erase] all the information." ❋ T.R.I. (2006)

"nothins safe not your tv, or dvd. no one can [read me] [my rights], flee the scene lookin [flash on] your brand new bike" --Drapht ❋ Telephone45 (2007)

i was jus [sittin] here, [mindin] my [bidniss], and you went on flash for no reason. ❋ Skilldoo (2008)

"Yo, you see [Flash] [take it to the house] against [Houston] last week?" ❋ Ben (2005)

[Macromedia's] [Shockwave] & Flash is #3 of most hated things surfers hate to see. #1. Pop-Ups / Pop [Unders] #2. Music that plays over and over and etc. #3 Shockwave or Flash graphics. Content is always beter. ❋ Doug Hightower (2005)

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