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A rapper's impeccable flow that is in perfect synergy with the beat, allowing you to almost take any part of it and make it into a seamless loop. A "floating" flow. Urban Dictionary

The blood on a man or womans face after eating out a girl during their period Urban Dictionary

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The word "flowte" in example sentences

Physitian perceiving that the menaces of these torments did nothing prevaile, gan say: I cannot suffer or abide that this young man who is innocent, should against all law and conscience, be punished and condemned to die, and the other which is culpable, should escape so easily, and after mocke and flowte at your judgement: for I will give you an evident proofe and argument of this present crime. ❋ Lucius Apuleius (N/A)

Person 1: Yo, Eminem was literally [flowting] in that fast rapping part of the [Gnat] song. Person 2: IKR, flow so smooth like a floating [Buddha]. ❋ DigitalShady (2020)

[my wife] was [on the rag] and when i [ate] her pussy i ended up with a flowtee ❋ The B2 Bomber (2011)

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What does flowte mean?

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